Cosmetic surgery or plastic surgery has long been a method of staying young for the celebrities. Luckily, thanks to all the new and improved medical tools and methods, it is getting more and more affordable to be done also for a greater range of people. This time around, we would like to discuss some of the main types of cosmetic surgeries from Cosmetic Surgeon Texas including all the non –invasive options which are so popular these days.


There are three key types of cosmetic surgery

  • Corrective: when something needs to be changed, entirely such as the shape of a nose or a complete jawline, or chin.
  • Restoring: this occurs mainly after major incidents to the face and requires a very highly qualified plastic surgeon to do it. This includes whole face restoration procedures.
  • Enhancing:  Botox and dermal fillers can successfully enhance the positive aspects to the face, make wrinkles disappear or appear smaller and can also make more defined jawline, can lift the eyebrow area and can even reduce slightly sagging skin.

While the first two types, corrective and restoring would mostly require proper Cosmetic Surgery Houston, enhancing cosmetic surgery can be done with the help of noninvasive treatments, mainly in the form of injections to the affected areas. Enhancing cosmetic surgery is also the best way to go for those who would only like to reduce the signs of aging, for instance to tighten the skin, reduce the wrinkles and to plump the skin.

The most popular plastic surgeries:

Let’s give you a brief overview of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.

  • Botox: lip enhancement and eyelid lifting surgeries
  • Nose correction surgeries
  • Double eyelid surgery
  • Jawline surgeries ( including chin reduction)
  • Liposuction surgeries
  • Breast and butt enhancing surgeries
  • Neck correction surgeries

And this is just a fragment of all the plastic surgeries people undergo in order to look better. Many of the upper mentioned procedures can now performed with the help of laser by an experienced Cosmetic Surgeon Houston. While most of them are still invasive, which means that you would ultimately have to get „under the knife” most of these surgeries are extremely low-risk.

Things to watch out for

Before you start looking for a Cosmetic Surgery Houston, TX you need to check out two major things: the reputation of the clinic overall and the certifications and reputations of the doctors who work there. These days, internet can greatly help you if you want to check out people’s opinion about Cosmetic Surgery Near Me.

Your medical history

Before you Cosmetic Surgeon Texas start consulting with your own doctor, to see the risk factors you may face when it comes to surgery. This may also include risks of non-invasive treatments, such as possible allergic reactions to some of the substances injected under your skin. Then, conversations with a cosmetic surgeon may get started, by what you want to achieve and what can realistically be achieved using what ways. You will also need to consider the healing period and take the necessary steps to avoid risks of infections or any accidental complications to arise.