Even the Best Dentists Houston Tx can attest to the fact that dentistry in itself is pretty boring. However, as everything else dentistry too has its own little surprising facts, which would make it more interesting for everyone. So, instead of enlisting the importance of dental hygiene ( which obviously everyone knows, only not everyone does for it) this time around we have decided to enlist a couple of „did you know” facts about teeth, dental hygiene and its relationship with different cultures and our daily lives all over the world.


Did you know:

  • That in Asia white teeth were for long thought as shameful and that’s why the noble ladies kept on painting them black for their whiteness not to show? You can also see this on old paintings and Japanese ukiyo-e drawings.
  • That those who drink soda ( Fanta, Coke etc.) are 63% more likely to get tooth decays than others? That’s why it’s so important to take care of your teeth and avoid drinking soda all that often.
  • That dental plaque is made up by over 300 different bacteria? This is why human bite is in fact much more dangerous than an animal’s bite on us.
  • That the first toothbrushes were tree twigs. Arabs to this day use a twig like tool to habitually chew and clean their teeth with it in the same time.
  • That it’s in real not the toothpaste you are using but the actual brushing movement of the toothbrush that really counts when it comes to brushing your teeth. Toothpase is mostly solely an additional substance to make this brushing process easier for you.
  • Dentaly hygienist is a job that’s different from being a Best Dentist In Houston Tx. The two occupations exist separately ever since 1905 in the US.
  • There are tribes in Asia and Afria who would whittle down the men’s teeth for them to look sharper to make them look more like warriors. It in real made them look very scary and European visitors and conquerors have for long associated this cultural habit with cannibalism.
  • That astronauts can literally have no bad or filled teeth? Indeed, it’s because once they are decayed or filled they may react very badly to all the big changes in air-pressure.
  • Teeth survive most things: this means if they are kept well, they may live on for centuries if not for longer. Best Dentist Houston Tx still keep on finding bones and teeth of people who lived as easly as in the Ancient times.
  • That getting gemstones in the teeth is not as new a trend as you may believe so. Back in the ancient times Maya nobles used to get holes drilled in their teeth and have gemstones placed in them.
  • Gold was used as a crone for a very long time ( up until the very recent years) because it’s one of the only metals the body can accept and which have the ability not to corrode. In the war times, there were people who were checking through bodies to pull out their gold crones.

We hope we have managed to wake your interest in your teeth which you should always keep clean and tidy. Contact an affordable Dentist In Houston near you to learn more about dental health.