Have made it beyond buy For Honor Steel Credits and are substantially easier if youre struggling just buy mesos out of MMOakcom and you will be through right away The moving lasers go quickest when they are closer to the center of their oscillation so this can be thesafest time to maneuver through Some of my buddies are telling me they prefer to wait


until the laser disappears towards the left side thoughThe steam patterns are not very tricky as they may first seem The hardest part of them is around the ladder slightly before and slightly later At the very last gate I feel it is the rd gate move VERY slowly so that you can observe the soldiers coming then move again and kill them


BEFORE going around to the gate This way you can easily clear out the mobs as well as the gate Without Needing to hurry through the gate and then perish to the mob piling strikes on you for those not familiar F is just a mob clear map with no additional ways to expire so if you are struggling on B understand that as Soon as You hit F


the hard stuff is finished I believe a more pressing FH4 Credits issue is the PQ thing you do after finishing these isnt instanced which means you may be a lvl and a few lvl pops into the map changes and all of a sudden that the dinosaurs are lvl and you cant kill them This is a portion of the occasion coins which we can get Its not currently




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