Even well-organized healthcare businesses can fall victim to the industry's most common HME billing errors. Providers with in-house billing services are familiar with the administrative complexity that comes with it. Whether your practice is dealing with a large number of denials, is having difficulty submitting clean claims, or is working with a subpar RCM services partner, these issues can appear unavoidable at times.

The good news is that by combining the correct billing technologies, your clinic may prevent these typical DME/HME billing errors in 2021. These 5 HME billing blunders, as well as what your company can do to avoid them in this current year, are listed below.


  • Inadequate Technological Quality

The quality of your technology will be everything in 2021. The HME billing situation is becoming more complicated. You will surely fall short in the New Year if you do not have the necessary technology to help you and your team. Medical billing software of high quality can help your team perform more successfully and efficiently.

Your staff will be able to streamline the HME billing process, doing more in less time and improving your bottom line. Adopting a high-quality DME/HME billing solution that provides everything your team requires to succeed is a critical component of the equation.


  • Improper Claims Processing

Claims management is critical to the success of any firm. Because of this typical HME billing error, your team may now be managing its claims process with the greatest tools and practices available. Quality technology is the initial stage in quality claims management. The correct tool can assist you in accurately coding your claims and submitting them on time.

The next step in eradicating this DME/HME billing error is to collaborate with a reputable provider of RCM services. An efficient vendor can double-check your coding, ensuring that your team submits more clean claims than ever before.


  • Flawed Denial Management

This DME/HME billing error is avoidable, yet it is frequently overlooked. When a claim is refused, providers have a limited amount of time to remedy any problems and resubmit them to the payer. Providers around the country are losing money as a result of refused claims that are never resubmitted for payment. To track rejections and resubmit them on time, providers must adopt a quality denial management solution and collaborate with a quality vendor of services.


  • Ineffective Charge Acquisition Mechanism

Depending on the infrastructure you have in place, your charge capture procedure might be either efficient or time-consuming. The appropriate AI-enhanced charge capture solution can help your team expedite charge capture and accomplish it more correctly than ever before. Through current technology and accurate forecasts, AI-enhanced solutions prevent medical billing problems.


  • Low-Quality RCM Services

Choose a partner rather than a product. The correct RCM services partner and HME billing vendor can make or break your organization's HME billing performance. A low-quality partner will not train your team on how to utilize its software properly, resulting in an increase in medical billing errors down the road.

 A low-quality RCM services provider will not assist you in increasing clean claims and reducing denials. Choose an RCM services provider who can help you reduce medical billing errors, increase clean claims, handle tough collections, and more.


Key takeaways

The forthcoming challenges in HME billing methods may have a detrimental impact on the practice's cash flow in 2021. As a result, it is critical to plan ahead of time for all of these obstacles and to implement a strategy that will benefit your practice. One of the greatest methods to cope with all of these issues is to outsource HME billing services to experts like Sunknowledge. Professional DME/HME billing service providers like Sunknowledge will handle all billing concerns and increase revenue.

What makes Sunknowledge the best in DME/HME Billing?

Sunknowledge Services Inc is the only RCM firm that provides complete pre and post HME medical billing services. We focus on pre-billing activities for all of your DME, orthotics, prosthetics, and HME billing needs.

Taking care of your entire HME medical billing procedure by handling:

  • Data input for correctly entering all patient, provider, insurance, and item information
  • Eligibility verification for the orthotics billing procedure, which is aided by skilled billers via online and phone
  • Prior authorization by calling patient and doctor's office, follow-up for necessary papers required for the process
  • Necessary re-authorization
  • Order confirmation for all orders
  • The delivery schedule

Apart from this Sunknowledge is recognized not only for its maximum collection rate but also for its streamlined HME billing, assisting you with an 80% operational cost reduction. We eradicate additional expenses of the billers and coders, such as their training sessions and continual training on changing coding protocols.

Our professionals understand that severe checks and balances sustain a 99.9% reliability record in the claims process. They assist you with prompt claim submission and regular follow-up. Sunknowledge is among the leading RCM solutions in the US, assisting you with a cost-effective HME billing process at $7 per hour or 1.99% of collections.