Analysis of Negotiating Style

The situations that require proving of someone’s idea happen all the time. They are impossible to avoid as far as people argue all the time under different circumstances – for the purpose of either making an important decision or simply winning a fight and making somebody lose. One way or another, the styles of negotiation differ because everybody argues for various reasons. In particular, the Negotiations Style Survey has determined my preferred negotiating style as “Competing Shark,” which, in its turn, describes my own style of behavior in the group as mentioned in case brief writing service

First, style of “Competing Shark” implies that during the negotiations one uses the dominant manner of behavior to prove one’s opinion. I agree with results I received as the points of the survey helped to distinguish the key aspects in any argument, either it is a path of non-confronting in order to avoid damaging relations with the opponent or it is a way to stand till the end and defend one’s convictions. Therefore, human’s aspiration to live on common ground is possible to reach only upon condition of learning how to face contradictions each human possesses.

Indeed, I have already had an experience of my negotiating style manifestation. Moreover, I think I use the style of “Competing Shark” all the time despite the fact that I have never noticed it before. Once, this shark showed its teeth when my friend and I decided to go to a concert. Certainly, we started arguing during the discussion of a music genre we intended to explore, which became the goal of the whole negotiation. However, I now admit that my negotiating style could possibly turn ordinary dispute into a conflict because I tried to make my arguments look good in numerous ways. Due to the fact that I chose the aggressive manner of behavior for them to be more convenient, I neglected personal relations with the friend of mine. Moreover, being extremely motivated for my opinion to take over in the dispute, I did not pay enough attention to my friend’s points. As a result, we went to the concert I had chosen, but my companion did not get any satisfaction at all.

To be honest, I liked the negotiation process because it confirmed one more time my ability to stand my ground without being diverted by friend compassion. In my opinion, the negotiation process helps reveal the true roles everybody plays in the society. Thus, the entire success of the “performance” in the discussion depends on the roles one chooses to play. As for results of the discussion, they also corresponded to the negotiating style of “Competing Shark” that provides success in any argument.

Evidently, people using the “Competing Shark” style have confrontational manner of negotiating, which can sometimes offend the opponent. In my view, one option would not be excessive among those that “sharks” possess. Moreover, such negotiators lack patience. This lack can explain the presence of dominant behavior, which ensures the winning in the verbal fight. Nevertheless, “competing sharks” have the advantages that can be very useful in making crucial decisions. Indeed, they do not hesitate much and are ready to state for the unpopular ideas.

Thus, people always argue for different reasons. The way they argue determines their style of negotiating. Depending on this style, people reveal their attitude towards surrounding – whether they are inclined to combining personal relations with the object of discussion or they argue just to confirm their rightness. One way or another, the goal of any argument is to find truth, and the ways to reach it are numerous. In particular, my personal negotiating style of “Competing Shark” defines my behavior during some discussion as a dominant and a little aggressive. Nevertheless, it helps me spread the ideas among the others and defend the righteousness of my convictions.