Nothing like the comfort of homemade food, eh? Seated on the sofa, munching a lip-smacking snack is something we all crave. How about a nice plate of steaming momos with a special sauce to spice your taste buds? Sounds fantastic, doesn't it? Here is a Combo of Veg Spring Rolls and Exotic Veg Momos that will make your day instantly!


Handi offers a wide range of food that is ideal for every mood. If you want something restaurant like, exotic veg momos are the option to look for. The choicest ingredients and preservative-free snacks make it perfect for family gatherings and tiffin packing! The preparation time will make anyone turn into the head chef! All you need to do is order it online and have it delivered to your doorstep. 


The cooking is effortless too. For the spring roll, preheat the cooking oil and put the rolls in the oil. Fry for about 5-6 minutes and drain the oil. Serve it on a sizzling platter with chutney! Each packet contains 12 pieces of rolls that are perfect for filling up the entire family at tea time. They are easy to hold and super juicy and becomes an instant hit immediately.

If you are a fan of Exotic Veg Momos, you can either fry or steam it. For steamed momos, grease the steamer with cooking oil and place the momos away from one another. Next, fill half the boiler with water and set it to boil. Let it steam for 10 minutes, and serve hot with the special sauce. If you like fried momos, preheat the cooking oil up to 170 degrees and fry the momos for 3-4 minutes. Finally, drain the oil and serve hot!

If you are a resident of Delhi, you just got lucky. All you need to do is order the Combo of Veg Spring Rolls and Exotic Veg Momo online and get it delivered to your home in no time. Store them in your fridge and have all the surprise visits and sudden party plans sorted! A healthy snack makes sure your fitness is maintained even when you munch into the snacks. 


A convenient snack pack, isn't it? Ready to try it? Buy your Combo of Veg Spring Rolls and Exotic Veg Momo right away!