Voice R6 Items is at least as important once you're alive as when you're dead, so being able to predict enemy locations is a big strategic advantage in any situation. I can't tell you how many times my teams' collective butts have been saved out of a 1v3 situation just by somebody providing overwatch calling and support out when opponents are about to pop out of cover.

Thanks to getting that physical prop of a gun in-game as a point of reference to boost my focus, I found myself being able to enjoy sessions of Firewall Zero Hour more than most any other aggressive title in PSVR. It didn't matter whether I left the turning control on the pie-sliced spinning or free rotation, possibly alternative felt well and didn't leave my mind at a state of disconnection and floatiness.

At launching and any night that I've been free to play Firewall: Zero Hour, my sessions could go anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours without any discomfort or issue, so I certainly can recommend this one as a good name to showcase the ability of virtual reality, particularly in the event that you've got a PlayStation Aim control available.

In its current iteration, there is an incredibly good framework for gameplay but what surrounds the experience is what will leave players wanting more. No doubt future assistance in terms of style diversity and incremental spots could both turn Firewall into the next good multiplayer VR, but only time will tell. Put your headset on, invite three friends, and catch your Aim control for some of the best strategic gunplay VR has ever noticed.

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