Now if you are struggling how to earn more Path of Exile Currency or don’t know how to earn, don’t worry. Next, we will provide some tips for players to earn Path of Exile Currency more conveniently, let's take a look!

When players explore Delve, they must first get sulfite for Niko. Sulfite can be got from the map and Niko Master missions. When the player digs deeper, try to get as deep as possible into the mine. When the player completes this step, they need to explore the path by entering the dark channel, looking for any destructible walls and opening the cache. These areas can provide POE Currency drops, fossils, and valuable resonators. Once players set up their Delve, it can easily become one of the most profitable activities in the game.

Because of the large number of items provided by each contract and blueprint, robbery is a good way to POE Currency Buy. All players need to do is to open as many boxes as possible without sounding the alarm. Upgrade thieves and their equipment to increase the number of boxes that can be opened before the alarm goes off. Please note that this league mechanism may not exist in 3.13 or future leagues.

The above are just some tips for players to earn Path of Exile Currency, and there are many other ways to make money. If you want to know, continue to follow us!