Each city has its own culture and vibration and, because it has proven many times, architecture is part of an integrated culture. It is also a common knowledge that the way the appearance of housing is seen is the perfect indicator of how life is in a certain city and that, most of the time, cities are defined by one main architectural design trend. Chelmsford city, in Essex, is no exception. Often described as a typical English residence, has a comfortable balance between old and new, this city is not a metropolitan area. Conversely, most consist of a residential environment, which means that most architectural and design companies have developed in the field of housing, not commercial. Exterior Furbishing is characterized mainly by colonial style, a terrace display, elegant entrance, a traditional garden and cottage. There are several variations in the exterior matter, especially because Essex is an area that must preserve architectural styles and specific homeowners are advised not to make the exterior that is not aligned with the rest of the house in their area. The interior design, there are two main trends: On the one hand, there is a classic traditional style, which can be obtained by working with local designers. Anglia Ruskin University at Essex has provided many talented designers who promote classic ways to decorate bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens in Chelmsford. For example, houses around Hylands Park or Chelmsford Cathedral tend to follow the conservative trend. On the other hand, some residents prefer to work with designers from London, which is an advocate with a more modern minimum style.

Regardless of the style you like, the designer recommends Chelmsford clients to remember the geographical details of this area. For example, this city has a warmer climate than the British region and other Essex, but still quite moist, which means when designing certain occupants it needs to be more practicality. For example, the company that designed the bathroom in Chelmsford not only provides bathrooms, shower and wet rooms, but also advises suggestions on how to protect the room correctly and make it more energy efficient. Colchester Driveways

It does not need to be said that Chelmsford's interior design can also vary depending on the city. As mentioned earlier, the environment featuring landmarks such as Marsh Farm Country Park or RHS Garden tend to be more traditional and most of the houses have rustic charm about them. For these houses, designers suggest classical furniture for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, but without sacrificing functionality. However, areas that have more apartments than houses, such as Baddow Road and Duke Street tend to be more modern. Not only the exterior of the building is more modern, but the interior too.

Designing home interiors in this area is a way of self-expression, and although there are some common trends that appear to be followed by most homeowners, families can choose to work with companies that allow them to be creative and try new ideas.

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