Pune city is growing its potential to become one of the most coveted cities to live in. Many investors, developers, education institutes, and IT companies are establishing their base here, and people across India have been moving to Pune for a decade now. 

There are many job opportunities and better education for their children available in this city. In recent years, the city has become the educational hub of India. Institutes and the state government are investing time, money, and efforts in making Pune the number one city. 

Mostly all the preschool schools in Pune promote new methods of teaching. The city parks and promenades include equipment to improve the cognitive abilities of children like parks with mini pedal cars and traffic light instructions.

Since the government itself takes so many measures for the city’s improvements, a kindergarten and preschool school in Pune set a high benchmark by making ultra-advanced facilities possible.  

The vision of Preschools in Pune

Schools these days around the globe attempt to improve the child's emotional, social and personal growth. Their teachers and faculty are inclined towards mental and physical development. Although children learn how to talk while at home, in preschools they continue interaction and exposure with other kids of the same age group and teachers help them to enhance their communication skills as well.

If you have plans to move to city with your little one then one of the best schools is Global Indian International School as it has a really good Pune school admission process

Studying at primary school in Pune: Preschool admission process: 

GIIS is a well-known school in Pune. The preschool school teachers are very supportive and take care of every child patiently. Also, the school being an international school, your child will be well-versed with global standards and familiar with all cultures and lifestyles. 

The school creates GIIS creative geniuses by providing them lessons on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Robotics and much more for high schools students too. 

Preschool structure in GIIS 

GIIS schools follow the Montessori program which helps children with a self-initiated learning experience. It is mainly for kids from the age of three to six years old. Under this program, children learn to take control of their learning from a very young age. 

It’s more student-focused, unlike the traditional educational system where teachers are more focused on the syllabus. GIIS is a student-centered school where teachers are less authoritative figures and more supportive of a student's learning process.

The Montessori program focuses on the students' interests and creates the environment to nurture them. 

Global Indian International School also provides my IIS portal which allows parents to track and monitor their child's progress and check updates on the latest announcements, and manage invoices or transportation. 

If you search for ‘Pune school admission’, you’ll find GIIS in the top list. You can undoubtedly choose Global Indian International School for your children—it’d be unregrettable.