Mid-cap is an approximate term that encapsulates companies and stocks which fall in between large-cap and small-cap category. The classification of respective company’s stocks depends on its market capitalisation. Such classification is variable and can change with the change in a company’s market valuation.

Why consider a Mid Cap stock?
Mid cap companies in India have a lot to offer; it’s just that they have been overlooked. Focusing on a few of the features of the top mid cap stocks:They offer diversity as they occupy the list between large cap and small cap companies; they can be stable and high on returns if you choose the stocks carefully.

The chance of growth is truly fantastic; some of the stocks have grown exponentially over time.
Considering the return potentials, these stocks have good scope for value appreciation and pays dividends as well.
Since they are overlooked, their prices stay low and affordable, where you can grab a large number of shares for a lower cost compared to large cap stocks.
They are less riskier than small cap companies.
The liquidity is relatively higher than the small cap companies.

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Advantages of Investing in Mid Cap Funds.

Higher Returns than Large Cap Funds: In comparison to large cap funds, mid cap funds have given higher returns in the past over a long run. Reason being, as large cap funds invest in companies that are already mature and well known in the market, they grow at a stable but relatively lower pace. On the other hand, mid cap companies are future large caps and are where today's large caps were a few years back. During this journey to become big, they can deliver outstanding returns.

Less Risky than Small Cap Funds: As compared to small cap funds, mid cap funds are less risky. This is because stocks of small cap companies are relatively more volatile. That's because while mid cap companies are not as financially strong as large companies, in most cases, they have a stronger balance sheet than small caps and therefore also have a better ability to navigate tough market conditions.

What are the Risks Associated with Mid-Cap Stocks?

 The following are the few risks associated with mid cap stock –

Value Trap

Inadequate resources

Effect of a financial bubble