At least bind with the cb1 receptor and i really like this study this approach it's interesting that it went quickly a lot of the studies i've seen are very um kind of narrow in a focus but i think stepping back and just looking at terpenes first like are they figure out what you know reactions or interactions they might be having and then get more narrow after that um so maybe we'll start with just kind of breaking down this study for listeners and i've got a lot of specific questions after looking at buy terpenes.

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But i find this really fascinating in that that term as well mimicking um cannabinoids yeah yeah absolutely so uh so as i mentioned my student got interested in this so we kind of mapped out this plan and and sort of the background uh or sort of the frame of this research question this work was the entourage effect which you mentioned this idea that the different constituents of the plant are working together to produce some sort of effect that you don't get from just injecting the single or consuming the single ingredient alone uh the the problem of course is that there's really no scientific data for this there's a lot of anecdotal reports and a lot of you know people may have companies and people making claims.

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But not a lot of science so this was kind of like the idea but as you said we we started at the broadest level in sort of the simplest level and just asked the question what do these terpenes do like when you inject them into an animal what sort of behavioral effects do they produce do they reduce pain do they look like a cannabinoid do they look like something else that's where we started because really there's not a i mean there's some data on this but i can talk about the problems with the true Terpenes if you want but uh not a lot of solid data on on exactly what these cannabinoids are doing so we you know we started with the purified terpene that was not like an extract from a plant which has its problems you know we just you know the simplest most basic level which has its own limitations but really let us kind of start from a from a foundation and we injected these terpenes into the animals we selected four of them uh beta pinene alpha humaline uh geraniol and linoleum and then we also had a beta-carotene control because a lot of people had described this as producing cannabinoid two effects and so we injected these all into animals and what we saw was they looked a lot like what happens when you inject a cannabinoid into an animal so when you inject a cannabinoid into an animal you get what's called the the classic tetrad the cannabinoid tetrad so it produces hypothermia their body temperature goes down uh produces hypo locomotion they get kind of sedated they don't move around as much it produces catalepsy this kind of this freezing behavior and then it produces a pain relief or like a prevention of pain and so it produced the can the terpenes produce all of these effects very strongly just as strong if not stronger