We're offering product reviews directly related to your health fitness and overall well-being in our unbiased opinion, of course, how can I fix my posture while using a  Walking Stick you see those elderly people sometimes middle-aged people using a cane with that bent over posture the Campbell posture walking cane the word posture is right in the title it is all right, oh this cane actually can get very tall, yes and it is kind of a walking stick but let's talk about the price first I was kind of impressed with this price medical device 24.99 25.


So yes very reasonable for adjustable cane most canes aren't very expensive but this is pretty heavy duty for a normal walking cane yeah aluminum i'd say it's probably aluminum yep okay uh the selling points on this is it's very compact and lightweight as you can see it can shrink down to only 11 and a half inches tall you're actually gonna go through the whole process so if i pull it like this and you can unscrew this handle and then it's about 11 and a half inches let's say feet i'm in inches i hope it doesn't say feet and 49 inches long so it gets up to about four feet how i just had it so if you unthread this it comes off and it comes compact otherwise the design other than the handle very similar to like your hurricane yeah i mean it folds up like that we'll get into the differences though between that and this um the handle promotes upright posture and balance obviously gets so tall and it's easy handle to grab it's not like a normal Dynamocane handle where you can put a lot of pressure on it it's different so yeah why don't you jack it up let's show them how you're supposed to get up why don't you talk about the six-point traction on that all right the the base there six-point traction should we cone them out for them or i think they could say there's six points there and it's supposed to stand on its own anti-slip rubber anti-slip um not true standing on its own yeah it stands on its own if you're on a flat surface like cement or wood that's level it does not stand on its own on carpet or grass or anything but that truly is no different than a lot of the other canes we've seen that have said they do yep that market like this it's the same thing and it has a wrist strap on there too if you want to yep just like most canes if you want to just double protection put it on you you got a little nice easy wrist strap there yep ratings was 4.4 out of 5 on amazon it only had 29 reviews i think this thing's actually marked on tv so surprise not too many reviews but i'm sure it's more elderly people and who wants to review on amazon

if you're an elderly person hey come on now let's not be judgmental here not judging if you are I  would just curious if they're that techie send us a comment elderly people um negatives it's more like a walking stick you cannot bear down.