Seasonal events are locked after the update, Nintendo decided to slowly add them to the game over time. Buy Cheap Animal Crossing Items on the ACItems to prepare for the new event in September. Although seasonal events come and go, the updates behind them still add countless permanent goodies, which are now the main content of the game. Now that the game contains more than a year of updates, some stand out more than others. This is our favorite.

Bunny day
The Bunny Day seasonal event is included in the first major update of the game and will be unlocked soon. The event sounds interesting on the surface: look for the colorful eggs hidden around your island and use them in interesting recipes. The reality is that in the cruel days of 12 days, players were subject to the whimsy of one Zipper T. Bunny and his army of hidden eggs.

Festivale may be a great seasonal event but lacks its talent in the previous iterations of the franchise. Players can play some mini-games with villagers and event organizer Pavé for fun and prizes in the Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: City Folk. Now the event has been significantly reduced to a small treasure hunt and dance party in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Summer Update wave 2
The second summer update adds the main event of the season: the firework show. Players can show up on any Sunday in August, pull up their chairs, point their cameras, and seeing the fiery colors of the sky, their villagers were all around. In the meantime, you might as well try your luck in Redd's Raffle, and finally get a sparkler or pinwheel, and to run around frantically in circles with.

Summer update wave 1
The first summer update created a whole new field of possibilities in the game by opening up the ocean to players. After equipping the diving suit, the player can swim in the ocean around their island. Not only that, but they can also dive into the sea to find small animals. New creatures bring new members of the museum, but also a new source of income for players-without any tools. If you are lucky, on the bottom of the sea you will find a scallop and a brave otter will appear, exchange it with some words of wisdom.

The above is my favorite update event, of course, there are other good ones too. Which is your favorite? Welcome to ACItems and tell me, we will also provide you with the cheapest Animal Crossing Bells/Items.