There are thousands of avenues in the machine learning ecosystem where you can extend your mastery.

Let’s check out the top applications and projects for your machine learning courses in Delhi, this year.

Soft Robotics

Humanoids are expected to be the future of human engagement and military warfare. We are already living in an era where general modes of interaction in hotels, online chats and TV broadcasting have been taken over by virtual assistants and chatbots. Soft robotic technology has introduced a new ecosystem for AI ML developers to build new age robots that work on:

  • Hybrid learning
  • Augmented Intelligence / Cognitive intelligence
  • Bio-inspired model architectures
  • Tactile sensing and biometrics, and so much more.

Computational Intelligence

We all know that Machine learning is a subset of Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Whenever we think of AI ML or its sibling technologies, we think of humanoids and robots. But, the growth in computational intelligence, especially in the fields of GUI and video analytics have allowed us to explore newer applications in the fields of self-aware systems that can prove to be a radical change in the modern phase of internet economy. From e-commerce to sports marketing, each and every component in these diversified fields could extract hidden information using computational intelligence powered by AI ML capabilities.

Network Neuroscience / Neural Networks

Network Neuroscience derives its origin and development from scientific works published in the area of brain functioning and nerve operations. AI ML engineers correlate with the neural circuits in the brain and attempt to recreate the same framework outside the human body using sensors, actuators and AI ML modelling using human intelligence, creativity, and data science. Not only do we see paradigm shift in the way neuroscience is getting worked for medical fields, we can also gauge the use in brain mapping and physiological science.

These are applied to the fields of natural language processing / programming (NLP), Computer vision, and neuro imaging. Functional applications in these areas support wide range of behavioural and cognitive functions.

Spatial Data Science

Geospatial data analysis is a powerful domain that you can expand your knowledge with top ML courses. In modern era, spatial data science is considered as a combination of Geographic Information System (GIS), Data Science and Computing. It’s most recent applications could be understood from space satellites and LiDAR based drones used for marine exploration, underground resource exploration and military surveillance.

Why You should Focus on these projects?

There are only 1 out of 100 data scientists that are actually trained to work in the above listed domains. Specifically, it happens in GIS and Spatial data science domains where the ratio of data science engineers / AI ML developer per thousand is 1.

If you are pursuing Machine learning courses in Delhi, you should keep an eye on these top domains currently sparking lot of interest among developers and data scientists across the globe. The areas involve garnering knowledge in SaaS, Cloud computing and data warehousing techniques.