We all might be aware of the benefits associated with cycling. Cycling not only helps maintain good health but also reduces the expenses on petrol or diesel while driving heavy motorbikes. The issue related to an increase in the price of petrol and the need of maintaining a good health people chooses to ride a bicycle. Many office staffs are now using a bicycle for daily communication. Different bicycles like hybrid bikes, MTB bikes, off-road bikes are available in the market. 

The latest invention includes an e-bike which uses the electrical energy stored in the battery to run the bicycle. All these latest bikes are in huge demand. Along with bikes, the demands for bike racks are also increasing day by day. Two Tier Bike Racks and Two Height Bike Racks are the most preferred in this bike rack world.  

Information about different types of bike racks

Two Tier Bike Racks

This type of parking system is more pioneering and is a very user-friendly parking system. It comes with excellent space-saving bike storage. It has super usability and high value. These bike racks are most widely preferred over other standard bike racks because they allow twice as many bicycles in these racks rather than others. 

Nowadays, this unique aspect of the space-saving and cost-efficient benefits of these Two Tier Bike Racks has lead to exclusive and resulted in a growing requirement for it. These bike racks are in huge demand over the areas of high population densities, such as the shopping centers, stations, car parking spaces, offices, and schools. 

Two Height Bike Racks

These Two Height Bike Racks provide the maximum utilization of the space, allocated horizontal storage, and parking. These bike racks are very easy to use. You just need to simply pull out the sliding base rails until the rail reaches its pivot point. This further folds down and also allows the easy positioning of the bicycle. 

Benefits associated with Two Height Bike Racks 

•    Economical- available at the best rate
•    Efficiently stores the bicycles
•    Assemble on site
•    Can be easily installed
•    Efficient in storing of the bikes
•    Durable and are long-lasting
•    These bike racks are best suited for medium-term parking
•    Allow the storage of a maximum number of bicycles of the riders within the small space

Applications- an area over which these bike racks are in huge demand

•    Workplaces
•    Residential apartments having minimal space for parking
•    Retail shopping’s
•    At the recreation centers
•    At secondary school, colleges, and universities

Two Layer Bike Racks

It just takes the bike parking to the next level. In these bike racks, bikes are stacked on a two-tier system, which just doubles the capacity. It comes with lift-assist top trays that slide down inches from the ground. There is a requirement of only minimal lifting the bikes into these trays of the Two Layer Bike Racks

These bike racks have an additional feature of a frontal wheel safety locking lever and a tray that damper to provide the safe lowering of the trays of the upper portion. 

Note- be aware to check the floor to ceiling height to install the Two Layer Bike Racks properly.