Today we're going to look at some popular Metal Corner Brackets spigots the two on my left are traditional speakers and on the right are adjustable speakers they look actually very similar now let's remove the friction pad one side of the traditional spigot is solid and the other side has two screws used to tighten the friction pad same as the cordial one that kind of speakers can only achieve the function of clamping the glass now let's take a look at this patent-protected adjustable spigot after removing the friction pad we can see that the friction pad has two metal plates on both sides and also the adjustable speakers has a pivot shaped lever device in it in this way.

The screws on the other side can adjust together to drive the metal plates and also adjust the glass panel to rotate to the left and right now we have fixed the baseplate speakers and the glass is up in the traditional installation situation even though our speaker's installation is perfect it is possible that we could find that top of the glass is not aligned this is because this kind of speakers is often installed on the decking or concrete floors and the surface is not necessarily completely flat and it is difficult to measure the traditional method that spot the problem after installation and find the spacer to flatten the bottom or insert next to the glass to adjust.

But do a job at the construction site it is very difficult for you to find the right spacer with the right thickness and it's very common that after using spacers the final result will be looks like this the glass still has a very slight deviation just because you can't find a more perfect spacer but if you're using adjustable speakers all you need maybe just an easy tune now we look at how to adjust the glass left and right with it we want to adjust the front piece of glass to the right all I need to do is to loosen the upper screw a little bit so as to give the glass some space to move to the right now.

I tighten the bottom Metal Corner Brackets screw and push the bottom of the glass and make the upper glass move to the right like a lever and finally, we tighten the upper screw to ensure that the glass is firm now let's adjust the glass to the left the other way around I will loosen the bottom screw a little bit then push the glass to tail left by tightening the upper screw and finally tighten the bottom screw single side adjustment perfect tray line all the time please aware this all-new adjustable speaker is patent protected in both Australia and china since 2021.