Composting is a process of reusing or recycling organic matter like leaves and food waste, which can later be used as a fertiliser and manure, which helps better the soils and plants. Composting helps in boosting up the process of decomposing organisms. Decomposed matter, which is leftover after decomposition is called compost, also referred to as black gold by the farmers as it can later be used again as manure.


To ensure, that the process of composting carries out efficiently we need Compost Testing Labs, which help in studying the samples and run tests then followed by detailed analysis which helps in carrying out the best results possible for the soil and plants. The Compost testing labs use basic elements like perfect solids, soluble salts, organic matter, carbon and nitrogen which are easily present in our environment for data testing and analysing. These elements are essential for usage in fertiliser and manure. While these tests are being conducted the pollutants present in these elements are being removed as they can harm the soil and plants in the future if used in fertiliser and manure, we can find the best compost testing labs first carry out the procedure of removing pollutants and then carry on with their testing.


Day by day, compost testing labs are being developed all around the world as the need for preserving our environment is growing, Composting is a major step towards it, as we are recycling the resources, we are not using or eating up more of the natural resources available to us, thus making the process of Composting an efficient one. Laboratories are using data from all across the world just to gain some new knowledge about soil and plants from across the world to make the best fertiliser and manure for plants. South Asian Subcontinent is in dire need of a major environmental makeover as soil erosion and many environmental setbacks have taken place.