Hopefully, by this stage of the summer, you will have spent a good amount of time enjoying your home swimming pool with your loved ones. But of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make the experience even better. 

Yes, we’re referring to our complete range of inflatable pool toys and games at Pool Warehouse – just the thing for pool users of a wide range of ages. 

There are so many products out on the market, so here are just a few categories of inflatable pool toy that you might especially consider. 

Is it time to learn to swim?

With such a long time off school and so much good weather, there’s no time like the present to work on those swimming skills. If your child is not very confident in the water, they’re sure to appreciate having a toy to help keep them afloat.

Consider a pool noodle, so they can learn to kick their legs, while being held up by the sausage-shaped toy. Later down the line, a pool noodle can also make a lethal weapon in a water fight! 

Ball games

There’s nothing like a bit of healthy competition between friends and family, and nothing gets things heated up like a ball game. 

So, something like a floating volleyball set or Intex’s Goal Game could be just the thing for getting everyone splashing about in the water and having fun.  

An inflatable isn’t just for the pool

Not all of the inflatable toys in our range at Pool Warehouse even strictly need to be used for the pool. The Bestway Hop Zone Sprinkler, for instance, is a great general addition to your garden during the summer, enabling you to create a fun water obstacle course for the kids in mere minutes. 

This particular toy incorporates three bars for the kids to jump over or crawl under, with the sprinklers built into each bar making for even more enjoyment. 

Sit back and relax

Pool inflatables are not just for the little ones. The right inflatable toy can help you relax in the pool, while also being something the kids might play with. 

Why not invest in something like the Scentsational Lemon Pool Float or Luxury Ring Lounger, which show it’s not just the young ones who can have a lot of fun with inflatable pool toys? 

We’re constantly updating our selection of inflatable pool toys and games here at Pool Warehouse, but that also means we can’t guarantee stocks of any particular item will last for long! That’s all the more reason for you to move quickly if you see any toys you like, especially given the heavy discounts we routinely offer.