Delivering services at the customer's location is the path all the business is inclined towards nowadays. In that order, grocery delivery online is made possible with instacart like an app. It helps the customers and the shop holders greatly in a way.

Turnkeytown develops the on-demand grocery delivery app clone to service customers at their doorstep with their ordered groceries and help in increasing the revenue of the shop holders.

Let us look at the various attributes of an app like Instacart

Image Depiction

A product description is provided for every item available in the app. Images of each item are provided and a word description to make it easier for the users to identify.

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When users are looking for an item, say a fruit or a vegetable, below will be a list of relevant items to the item currently looking.

Add to Cart

The ‘add to cart option helps us select the items and put them in a digital cart that can be later checked out altogether. It even lets us discard items from our cart.

Shop at Our Regular Store

With GPS-enabled apps, we can now select our neighbourhood store or a store that we usually prefer to do shopping. The app lists out the number of stores that are near our location.

Scheduled Delivery and Pick-Up

In the app, one can place the order and choose to have a delivery person pick their shopped groceries from the store, or one can go in person to collect their bag. Scheduling of groceries pick-up and delivery can also be made.

Customer Support

In-app chat is available in which the customers get to chat with the store owners online anytime. They can chat and ask questions about any product like date of expiration, quality, in or out of stock details etc.

Lists and Recipes

The Instacart like app added a new feature where you select a recipe, and all the items corresponding to the recipe will be listed below.

Delivering Multiple Items

This app is an all-in-one store where you can buy all your groceries like fruits, vegetables, snacks, juice, oils, nuts, etc., using the single app.

Summing Up

Instacart like apps came in very handily in situations like the lockdown due to pandemic. This played a great role in avoiding the crowding of humans at public places and staying indoors when all they require comes at the doorstep.