If you are a fan of an exciting and dramatic first-person shooter, then indeed, no stranger to Standoff- a legend in the first-person shooter genre. And now the legend is back and more beneficial than before with the new version of Standoff 2. In this game, there will be beautiful and fiery gun battles on the brutal battlefields. But if you still do not know anything about this excellent gunfight game, let’s find out the exciting and entertaining things that the game brings.
First of all, about the origin of this game, the game is developed and produced by Axlebolt Studio, a publisher with headquarters in large Russia. It can be said that Russia is the leading weapons producer in the world, so the game has excellent resources and ideas to exploit and build weapons systems. You will see and try extraordinary weapons that I will talk about in the next section.
The game is a new version of the most popular first-person shooter series on mobile. In the second part of the game is a lot of expectations, Standoff 2 Mod Menu so when the game is launched so far, the game has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Everyone considers countless numbers of reviews and positive comments about the game, the game as a CS: GO on mobile. Perhaps because of the upgrades in terms of graphics, weapons, levels, gameplay, and many other new things. The game promises many exciting things waiting for everyone.
If you entered this Standoff 2 game, perhaps your general comment is that it has not changed much. The gameplay in the game still has traditional FPS features characterized by high competitiveness and classic maps. You will choose one of the two opposing factions as counter-terrorist or terrorist, then fight with your teammates and defeat the other side.