Metalized Flexible Packaging Market: Evolution and Scope

Metallized films of various types are used in flexible packaging. The high barrier and protection properties along with aesthetics makes these highly attractive for packaging manufacturers especially in the food and beverages industries. Broadly, range of PET films metallized with aluminum and aluminum foils have gained traction in use in range of packaging industries including construction, pet food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics.

The choice for metallized flexible packaging materials usually vary in end-use industries and specific to characterization of properties required for end-use consumers, such as in optical effect, barrier against light and electromagnetic radiation, and diffusion density. High tensile strength, surface hardness, and moisture resistance are characteristics that are commonly utilized in the range of end-use industries. The films vary in thickness and the properties are enhanced with the use of different additives during their manufacturing to meet the specific requirements in end-use industries. One of the major application is in the food and beverages packaging industry has been using metallized films for flexural rigidity.

Some of the key product types are biaxially oriented polyethylene terephthalate (BOPET) films, cast polypropylene (CPP) films, and biaxially oriented polypropylene (BOPP) films.

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Metalized Flexible Packaging Market: Current Prospects, New Avenues, and Key Drivers

Strides made in food processing industries has spurred the use of different types of flexible packaging. The focus on extending shelf life food products has led food producers adopt metallized flexible packaging that acts as a robust barrier against oxygen and moisture. Adopting flexible packaging that enables food brands to protect the contents against vapor and prevent aroma loss in acidic and alkaline food products is boosting the market. Further, food brands are increasingly adopting materials that maintain good hygiene characteristics fueled technological advancements in the metallized flexible packaging market.

Another key driver is burgeoning e-commerce sales of cosmetics and personal care products in developing and developed economies. The rapid pace of urbanization in emerging economies and changing consumer preferences in shopping have favored the demand for personal care product among all demographics. Manufacturers in the metallized flexible packaging industry are keen on offering flexible packaging that meet a wide cross-section of demand in these end-use industries. Growing demand for metallized films for flexible packaging in industrial applications has also boosted opportunities for players in the metallized flexible packaging market.

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What Shapes Competitive Forces in Metalized Flexible Packaging Market: Winning Propositions for Market Players

The competitive dynamics in the metallized flexible packaging market is increasingly shaped by adoption of advanced fabrication technologies, Players are gearing up for strengthening their supply chains to mitigate the headwinds caused by Covid-19 disruptions. Further, companies in the metallized flexible packaging market have been witnessing new revenue streams from the recovery in demand in food and beverages industries. Food service chains have made a rapid recovery, and has helped invigorate uptake of metallized films in flexible packaging industry.

Some of the key players in the metallized flexible packaging market are Mondi Group, Amcor Ltd, Sonoco Products Company, Polyplex Corporation Limited, and Transcontinental Inc. Top players are eyeing massive avenues in cosmetics and personal care industries.

Metalized Flexible Packaging Market: Regions with Lucrative Opportunities

Europe is a highly lucrative market. The demand has been fueled by spectacular strides in the food services industry. Food manufacturers have been early adopters of innovative composite materials to meet their end-use functional characteristics. Further, the region has a marked presence of some of the globally prominent flexible manufacturers. North America and Asia Pacific are expected to offer incremental opportunities to players in the global metallized flexible packaging market. Other key reginal markets are expected to be South America and the Middle East and Africa.

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