Every parent knows the feeling of having a child struggle with a subject at school. Long nights of trying to get homework done, arguments about finishing assignments, and math anxiety in the mornings over breakfast. 

There are tons of questions parents could have when it comes to helping their children with math: Am I qualified enough? What kind of help can we find? Can I teach my child myself? 

While parents have tons of questions, finding a math tutor or centre may be the best way for them to help their children. Math tutors are qualified individuals who not only understand how to teach math, but the curriculum they’re teaching. Parents are always able to help, however, math learning centre provide convenient and flexible help, when your child needs it most. 

Finding a math tutor that works best for your child or your family may take time. Below are some important factors to consider when trying to find the most efficient math tutor in Richmond: 

1. Assessment: A great math tutor will provide your child with a comprehensive assessment to better understand their skills. This is important for the tutor to gauge how to best help your child, and what subject matter they need help with. This also avoids the chance that the tutor may re-teach many of the skills your child already understands.

2. Accessibility: How close is the tutor to your family? This is a big factor to consider when looking for the right math tutor for your child. Driving to and from tutoring sessions can take time and may not fit into your family’s schedule. Consider how accessible the tutor is to your family and how easily you are able to make it there! 

3. Interaction: When looking for the right math tutor, look at how well the tutor gets along with your child. While a qualified tutor is a great option, it is important that they bond with your child. A student is more likely to succeed if they interact well with their teacher. Take your child to a session with the tutor and watch how they work together and if they get along. 

4. Qualifications: Ensure you are getting the best instruction for your child by looking at a tutor's qualifications. A great math tutor will have previous tutoring/teaching experience and will have credentials to back it up. This could include a teaching degree, or perhaps they are currently a Master’s student. Keep in mind that a tutor doesn’t have to have to be a mathematical genius to help! They just need to understand the curriculum; ask for relevant references and previous experiences to narrow it down. 

When looking for the right math tutor in Richmond, Google can be a great place to start narrowing down your search. Additionally, asking friends and family can be another great way to find qualified tutoring, and from a source you trust. Lastly, talking to your child’s teacher for resources means great tutor recommendations based both on their teaching qualifications and on the way your child learns best! 

Finding a great math tutor isn’t overly difficult, and its benefits to your child’s learning last far beyond their schooling!