Humankind Above Religion - Hi, I Often See Religious People Acting Based On Religion But Not Humanely Not Because I Believe That Religion And Humanity Are In Accordance So If There Are People Who Act, 

For the sake of religion yet other brutality one should find out if there is a major issue with his religion or regardless of whether he is strict to the point that he needs to rehearse his strict lessons until his activities are against religion. 

Mankind Above Religion everything Information In Bahasa Indonesia 

Present my companion Prima will go with my companions for the following couple of moments Hi, I expect to examine the contentions that are moving among youngsters today, in particular, 

Concerning explanation which expresses that humankind is a higher priority than religion (mankind above religion) then, at that point is it valid and what is the real situation of mankind with the beam religion, we will strip. 


Together Starting From The Understanding Of Humanity According To The Kbbi Humanity Is Human Characteristics Hi Humanity is Closely Related To Human Relations Such As Tolerance, Love, Help, Prioritizing Public Interests And So On. 

Accordingly, it very well may be deciphered that humankind is human qualities that have positive qualities ​​and bring goodness. However, when we talk about goodness, obviously we realize that individuals' principles of generosity are unique. 

Hello Materialists Will Say That Good Is What Gives Wealth Hedonists Will Say That Good Is What Brings Pleasure And Opportunists Will Say That It's Good That Gives Profits And There Are Many Others Hi. 

Envision If There Are More Than 1000 Humans Then How Many Versions Of Goodness In This World And Which Kindness Should We Embrace Friends If We Want To Ask About The House Then Who Knows Most Of The House Builders And If. 

Companions need to get some information about food plans, then, at that point who we go to is obviously the food creator just as goodness. Assuming we need to think about goodness, then, at that point we need to realize who made the actual decency. 

Thoughtfulness Is Not Relative As People Say Kindness Has Its Own Standards Like Other Laws Kindness Must Have Universal Values ​​So That It Can Be Used As A Guide To Guidance For Many People's Lives Here I Don't Want To Force My Friends To Agree With My Opinions Because I'm Human Too Not Free From Errors. 

Hello, yet essentially I need my companions to believe that with a general norm of goodness, there will be no more contentions, wars and threats since they have similar standards in regards to the assertion of Humanity Above Religion. 

Mankind is a piece of religion itself. Religion is basically all principles that keep us from slows down or disarray. As in the video cut we have passed on, it is actually the case that the evil against religion is brought about by people who don't see comprehensively with their lessons. 

Hello there, However, this obliviousness of man towards religion doesn't imply that we should dismiss and say that humankind is above religion. Hello, are you saying that the heart is a higher priority than the remainder of your body, obviously not on the grounds that the heart 

Is Part Of The Body Itself In Conclusion Humanity Is Not More Important Than Religion Because Humanity Is A Part Than Religion Itself Practicing Humanity Means You Implement 

Strict and Religious Laws Never Forbid Humans To Uphold Humanity So Hopefully We Can Become People Who Think Deeply About Something And Are Not Easy To Take.