Arabian Ranches Dubai is one of Dubai's top family communities. Arabian Ranches (now known as Arabian Ranches 1) is a well-established villa complex in Dubai, particularly popular with British expats searching property for sale in Arabian ranches or buy. You will fall in love with Arabian ranches the more you learn about them. This calm suburban neighborhood is ideal for this, as it is surrounded by vegetation and is located in the heart of the city, 15 minutes from the main business districts.

The Surrounding Area

The villas for sale in Arabian Ranches are dispersed across various enclaves and feature a combination of Arabic and Spanish architectural styles. Although they are frequently lumped in with the neighboring Arabian Ranches 2 development, it's vital to remember that these are two distinct communities with distinct amenities and lifestyle alternatives.

What are the sub-communities that Arabian Ranches 1 is made up of? Al Mahra, Al Reem, Alma, Alvorada, Aseel, Hattan, La Avenida, Mirador, Mirador La Coleccion, Palmera, Saheel, Savannah, Terra Nova, and the Golf Homes are the brief answers to these questions. Many of them, such as Al Reem and Alvorada, are separated into sub communities, making it difficult to navigate the area. You can, however, find the ideal home in the right community with the help of Binayah real estate.



Attraction & Amenities nearby Villas for Rent in Arabian Ranches

The picturesque Arabian Ranches Golf Course, developed by Australian golf veteran Ian Baker-Finch in partnership with famous golf course design company Nicklaus Design, was the inspiration for Arabian Ranches. If you are looking for villa for rent in Arabian Ranches 2 then it is the best area. Beautiful green paths connect the many towns with parks, lakes, and children's playgrounds, making it a fantastic destination for a weekend stroll or picnic.

The Dubai Polo & Equestrian Club is close by and easily accessible from the neighborhood. The Polo Club is flanked by Polo Homes, a lovely enclave of villas that is also incorrectly included in Arabian Ranches 1.

Other essential services include:

  • Arabian Ranches Shopping Center includes a medical Centre as well as a variety of shops, restaurants, and cafes.
  • The Jumeirah English Speaking School is a well-known international school that provides primary and secondary education based on the United Kingdom's curriculum.
  • Raffles Nursery is a preschool for children aged two to four years old.
  • Basketball courts, volleyball courts, tennis courts, and community pools are among the outdoor fitness amenities available.

The Most Beautiful Attraction is the Arabian Ranches Golf Club

The Arabian Ranches Golf Club opened in February 2004 in the Centre of the Arabian Ranches development. In 2014, a two-year upgrade effort was completed, adding stunning views while keeping the original design's integrity. The fans of Golf have a huge option who are looking for a townhouse for sale in Arabian Ranches. The Opulent Spanish Colonial Lodge was the first in the region to open 11 rooms within its walls. The 9th and 18th greens are visible from the Ranches restaurant and balcony.

The desert-style championship course, which was developed by Ian Baker-Finch in partnership with Nicklaus Design and is shockingly unique in Dubai, is enjoyable for golfers of all skill levels.

The beautiful fairways are missed as you enter the "sandy waste," which makes the most of the natural topography with native shrubs and bushes.

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