Hello guys I am Preetam and I share my whole experience with all of you through this blog. A few months ago I prefer to shop in a traditional way but Now I like to shopping online. For two months I was in search of the best sofa set in Delhi but I couldn’t found a better one. Someone in my relation advises me to search on online websites. But I refuse the advice and even I search for a sofa out of Delhi but I couldn’t found what I want. So I decided to explore online furniture websites.


My friend suggests I have to buy online furniture from GKW Retail because he also bought one and the product was L Shape Sofa Set and still the sofa is in the best condition. So I decided to explore the suggested website from my friend. Personally, I love the interface of the website I have never seen this type of well-arranged website before. The website was easy to access, anyone can easily access the website nothing matter that person is well educated or not.

I explore all categories and all products designs were so adorable and lovely. I couldn’t imagine before that I can explore so many products with the best deals from my home, it saves my time energy, and fare of coming, going, and have many options for purchasing. This seems to be best for my purchase of a sofa set.

Now on the point, I was in search of U shape sofa set and there were so many styles, colors, designs, deals available in this category. Every product was just stunning, compared to offline markets there were so many ranges in the online market. My thought was wrong that the traditional way of shopping is the best way for purchasing furniture items or products. So I decided to buy one from this website.

After my research for my purchase finally I purchased a luxury U-shaped sofa and the product is awesome.  Now I suggest to anyone for purchasing furniture from GKW Retail. My experience with this product is so good also, my family is so happy about my decision for purchasing this one. My family members spend some time on this sofa set and 8 to 9 people can easily seat together on the sofa set. This purchase stands for value for money. Also, I purchase this at a flat 30% off discount.

Now about the point of quality, performance and other points of u shaped sofa. Provided quality by the seller is top-notch the product is made of high-quality material and fabric also, made by well-experienced workers that make the product more precious. The performance of the sofa set is excellent. It provides so much comfort compare to others brands and my old sofa set. My grandma sits on it daily for 2 to 4 hours daily and watches TV and she has not faced any issues and problems in the comfort of the sofa. In my family, there is 3 kid and all of those are so naughty they jump hard on the sofa when they play together but that not create any problem in the cushion of the sofa set. I can say that all products of the GKW Retail are durable and strong because as in starting I mentioned that my friend also using the product of this brand and his experience with the product is excellent, my friend sofa set is totally different from my sofa set but both sofa’s quality and performance are great. I am very thankful to my friend for suggesting me this online shopping platform.

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