Nowadays computer and antivirus programs are very important for the users. No user can see proper function without them. Antivirus is very important if you want to keep your computer safe and secure. There are a lot of antiviruses on the market, but Antivirus is the most powerful antivirus program. It provides complete protection of your computer system, essential files and folders. It also provides identity theft protection and helps keep your personal information safe and secure. It is the most powerful tool to protect your computer. You can easily use this antivirus, but the most difficult part is the installation and activation on the system. If you want to install Norton Antivirus, you should follow the given steps. The process of installing an antivirus program is very simple. This will be explained in detail.

Follow the Easy Steps to Activate Norton Subscription

You can activate your Norton subscription with the help of a product key or code.

Step1:- You can visit and go to "My Norton" page and under Device Security; you have to click on "Open" option.

Step2:- For activation process of subscription, you need to click on “Activate Now” button.

Step3:- Under the specified section, you have to type the product key or code and click on the “Next” button.

Step4:-If you are facing any of the above mentioned steps, you can immediately contact certified antivirus experts.

If you encounter any technical issues following the steps for a Norton Antivirus subscription, contact Norton/Setup Code and get help right away.