What makes an essay controversial? This is a question that one may ask. The answer to this question is that the level of controversy in any given essay depends on the level of disagreement or contradiction expressed by its readers. An essay can be highly controversial if it sharply expresses views which are totally against essay writer those held by most people. It might even result in violent reactions from some people but still, what matters most is nothing but the fact that your writing has made them react.

While choosing a topic for writing an essay, you need to make sure whether or not it would be considered as being controversial. Remember, there will always be some person who does not agree with your point of view which means your paper could be the victim of a lot of negative criticism.


Here are some tips you can follow when choosing a controversial health essay topic:


  1. Start with an issue that is sensitive and important in modern society


Nothing will make your health essay more interesting than starting off with an issue that is highly important to the current generation yet people still regard it as a controversial matter. 


  1. Choose a controversial health essay topic that is vivid and educative


There are some subjects which might not raise serious emotions among people but they can still be at the center of public interest. This happens because it is necessary to know about all the possible information on a given issue so that people can make their own conclusions and judgments. 


  1. Do not exaggerate or overstate things


Overstating things may be a good way to attract attention but it can still backfire. Remember, too much exaggeration can make your statement lose credibility and fall apart in the hands of write my essay readers.


  1. Always provide strong arguments


Controversial health essay topics should be supported by strong arguments which are based on facts and research results that prove their validity and reliability. The only thing you need to avoid here is blending personal feelings with observations and facts. This is not a good choice since such an approach will only make your health essay look subjective and biased.


  1. Never forget to share both positive and negative sides of the problem you are talking about


There is no point in writing an essay that would never provide any information on different sides of a controversial issue because it would just look like an advertisement or propaganda piece instead of a serious research paper. Provide all known points of view regarding your topic yet do not forget to bring up counter-arguments related to them too.


  1. Use plenty of examples and facts to back up your argument


There is no better way for making people see your point than by using many examples that support it. In case you are talking about a controversial medical topic, make sure that you cover all possible aspects of this subject with reference to different arguments and opinions which have been made in the past. 


  1. Think over how can interested parties benefit from reading your paper?


Controversial essay topics should always explore the ways through which different parties can benefit from reading it. It is a good idea to make your essay look like a useful tool for those who might be interested in certain issues (e.g. patients, doctors, etc.).


  1. Make sure that all controversial statements are supported by proper evidence


Your audience will not appreciate reading essays based on mere assumptions or guesses especially when these pieces of writing touch upon important medical issues so if you cannot prove anything with data and research results, avoid making polemical statements. 


  1. Always use proper references when making controversial statement


It is crucial to provide all sources that can support your medical essay since there would not be any need for writing essays without proper references otherwise even if it remains on paper, written by someone else than stated at the beginning. 


  1. Do not forget to criticize opposing arguments as well!


Nobody will appreciate reading an evenly argumentative paper especially when it is related to important health issues because according to the saying, "there are two sides to every coin" about which we are talking here.