We wash our face every day, but do you really wash your face? Washing your face is also learned, let's see the correct way to wash your face, and see if you wash it right? It seems easy to wash your face, but many people wash their faces incorrectly. The wrong way to wash your face can easily cause facial redness and even other facial skin problems. Let’s take a look at the correct way to wash your face today. The time that the facial cleanser stays on the face has always been controversial. Some people think that when washing the face, the longer the facial cleanser stays, the cleaner the skin will be. In fact, it will be washed out prematurely in less than one minute. Facial cleanser will easily cause our skin to be clean and not clean. But if the facial cleanser stays on the face for too long, such as more than three minutes, then it is easy to cause the dirt we just washed with the facial cleanser to return to the pores of the face again, and if you use it Facial cleanser contains soap-based ingredients, so if the residence time is too long, it will over-cleanse, resulting in very dry or tight skin. The best washing time is 2-3 minutes.

Nowadays, as everyone’s awareness of skin care is getting stronger and stronger, facial cleanser is basically used to wash your face, but in general, many people, especially in the morning, just squeeze some facial cleanser in a hurry, rub the palm of the hand and apply it directly on the face. In fact, our facial cleanser is still milky before the foam is completely foamed, which will not only affect the cleansing effect, but also hurt the face. It is easy to cause the facial cleanser to remain on the face, and it cannot completely help us to remove the skin. The oil and dirt can cause acne in severe cases. Therefore, we usually have to dilute with water first, and then make a fine foam before putting on the face. If you can’t make the foam with your hands, you can buy a foaming net, which can easily create a rich foam and can help us. The skin is cleaned very clean, and it is much more convenient to rinse again.

The water temperature is also very important when washing your face. After all, cold water will solidify when it meets oil, while hot water will destroy the lipid film on the skin's surface, which will easily lead to a decrease in the skin's self-repair and water-holding capacity. Therefore, when washing your face, we recommend using warm water, which can gently open the pores and remove the oil and dirt in the pores. This is a skin care method that is getting better and better for the skin.