Is it possible to talk to someone about my Hotmail account?

If you are using Hotmail, then you must find it easy to operate, and no doubt it is completely safe and secure too. However, many times use finds some difficulties that may be related to the account or find some glitch while operating Hotmail. If you need assistance too, but don’t know the process to connect, then you can read the answer of How can I speak to someone about my Hotmail account below. There are some best ways that are easy to run, and you can expect the best solution. 

What are the ways to speak to a person at Hotmail Account?

Connect to Hotmail person via the phone number 

If you are wondering which method can help you to get the person fast, then you can rely on this method. Here you can directly interact with a person as getting the real-time answer that means no delay. To get the number, you can direct below mentioned steps. 

  • Go to the official website of Hotmail.
  • Next, click on the “contact us” section. 
  • Here you can find a number that is easy to dial, and most of them are toll-free. 
  • When you dial this, then there will be some instruction; you can get the idea by going through the below-mentioned points. 
  • Press 1 to know about the account recovery process. 
  • For facing any glitch or security concerns, you have to press two and so on. 

Connect to Hotmail Person via “message us” option 

Here you can get the message us option, which will make the entire process easy to run. It is not possible to connect with the phone all the time, due to high traffic. Now with the “chat” or “message us” option, you can expect a quick solution through text. 

  • Go to the “Message us” section, which may be present at the bottom of the contact us page
  • Next, you can see a welcome note; you can see the option where you need to answer 
  • Submit the answers, and then you can see the response from the person 

So it this way, you can connect with a person through chat. The exceptional part is that you are getting the service throughout the day. 

Connect to Hotmail Person via “Email” option 

It is always possible to connect with the person through Email, though getting a quick answer is not possible. Here you are getting the option to share details of the issue and get connected with a person. However, it may happen that you are getting answers in real-time, but that relies on the type of query. If you are facing an issue like an account recovery error, then it is recommended that a person should go for the Email for help instead of relying on the phone or live chat. It is completely safe and secure. 

With these methods, you can connect with hotmail live person to get the answer promptly. All of the above-mentioned ways are mostly managed by the real person. However, for some cases, they may come up with an automated message generated system.