KBS Training Institute offers the best Sharepoint training that helps you leverage SharePoint's environment via an experimental and innovative platform. It includes the fundamentals of Sharepoint like SharePoint server installation, SharePoint server architecture, creating workspaces, SharePoint high-level elements, and handling form libraries. Our practical assignments and project work offer SharePoint an in-depth understanding of access levels, Infopath, custom alerts, database templates, custom templates, and site customization. Along with these concepts, you will also master SharePoint workflows, SharePoint API, and SharePoint Administration. Opt for SharePoint online training at the KBS training institute to position yourself well in this technological era

Skills you will learn:

  • Installation of SharePoint Server
  • Creating and managing form libraries
  • Creating and managing Data links library
  • Creating and managing SharePoint document libraries
  • Managing workspaces in SharePoint

Why should I learn the SharePoint course?

According to Microsoft, more than 78% of Fortune 500 franchises use SharePoint. Also, SharePoint is used by companies like Emerson, Viacom, UPS Shop, Petronas, FCA Americs, etc.

In 2019, at the "Future of SharePoint" event, Jeff Teper (Father of SharePoint) said that there were 200,000+ enterprises using SharePoint with a community of more than 50,000 partners.

In India, the average salary of a SharePoint Developer is Rs.8,00,000 per year.

The advantages of SharePoint Training are:

  • SharePoint technology offers many career opportunities across the world.
  • Salaries are very high, and hence most people started learning the Microsoft SharePoint training course.
  • It has an excellent learning scope.
  • With SharePoint Online Training, you can fast track your career growth.

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