How can you use digital marketing techniques to promote your business for free? Digital marketing needs to present the time's entrepreneurs and marketers. Nowadays, every person Googles when they need something. And you want to be there in the search research organically or by spending money. There are other ways of digital marketing, too, which also include free techniques. Thus, today, we will learn to promote the business using a free digital marketing strategy. You can take a digital marketing online course free to learn about these techniques. 


Use press releases

Posting quality press releases are also an excellent way to promote the brand for free. Now, press releases have become an essential SEO tool. And currently, every business use press releases to increase authority. So, you can use sites like, write a high-quality press release, and give a nofollow link to your site. 

Do search marketing 

Search marketing is a crucial marketing strategy, and every marketer includes it. It is because whenever people search on google, then you want to appear in your search term. Students and professionals take a digital marketing course in Laxmi Nagar to understand it. You can learn it through digital marketing tutorials to understand this essential technique.

Comment on the blogs

Having quality back-links is also essential as they help in getting a higher rank in SERPs. And drive more traffic to the website; it also gives more conversion when the site gets more traffic. Hence if you want to get quality links, then find out the top-performing sites in your niche. And comment on their blog after reading their blogs on some interval basis. 

Conduct a webinar

Conducting free webinars is a great way to promote the products or services for free. Yet, you can research an appealing topic that can get the audience's interest. Once you find the topic, you need to plan the webinar and spread out you are offering a free webinar. But make sure to make your webinar entertaining so that people can engage with your voice. And they buy your offering. But, you can learn about it from any digital marketing course in Kanpur or Delhi. 

Hence these are free ways of using digital marketing without money, and I hope you have liked them.