Remember the good old days when you had to be concerned about meals on a long duration train journey? However, the train passengers do not need to bring food from home to satisfy their appetite when travelling. What's the point of bringing home-cooked food when you can receive tasty, high-quality meals right at your berth by ordering food on trains? Now passengers can easily make online food orders in trains at their convenience through train food delivery platforms.

The requested foods are delivered in only a few clicks. Many online rail food delivery apps are currently available on Google Play and App Stores, with more on the way. One of the best train food delivery applications is RailRestro. It is the largest e-catering service provider of Indian Railways, with over 500 eateries and culinary partners ready to give you excellent meals. Let's get started to make your train ride delicious and pleasurable.

Delightful Train Journey with Online Food Order in Train

Railway catering partners like RailRestro, RailMitra provide delicious rail food onboard to make train journeys enjoyable and memorable. With the food delivery in train service available, there isn’t any need to wake up early in the morning and cook for a morning train journey, or you don't have to depend on the food with a fixed menu provided on the train.

The passengers can directly make online food orders on the train, using the best train food delivery app via smartphones. With the facility to order food online, you can order food according to your wish. Online food ordering in trains is a great option because it gives you the freedom to choose food and be assured of the quality of food by ordering food from the place of your satisfaction.

The restaurant partners are all FSSAI approved, so you do not have to be concerned about food quality. IRCTC caterers have covered almost all the railway train stations. Now you can easily savour the regional delicacies of India while travelling by train like Kanda Poha at Ratlam Station, Daal Vada and Idli at Vijayawada Station, Aloo Tikki at Tundla Station, Biryani at Daund Station, Camel Milk Tea at Surendranagar Station, Chole Bhature at Jalandhar Station and Chicken Biryani at Hyderabad Railway Station. It is all possible with IRCTC food delivery partners.

The Diverse Range Of Food Choices

With the help of a comprehensive e-catering menu, the passengers can order food on train from local cuisines to foreign delicacies. Whether you want a North Indian thali, South Indian Idli & Dosa, a bowl of tomato soup to satisfy your taste buds, or cool beverages, you can have them all with a single click.

Apart from that, you can also order spicy and delicious dishes like Paneer Butter Masala, Pizza, Cake, Daal Baati Churma, Or Litti Chokha. It is also easy to get nutritious and healthy food in trains and food for infants, food for patients, and Jain food.

In the present Coronavirus epidemic, ordering meals with the help of apps has a significant advantage over other meal alternatives. Consuming foods from the rail pantry or local food stalls or plazas can easily get you sick. Only the E-catering services can guarantee you sanitary and fresh meals even when travelling.

Safe and Best Food Delivery In Train

Your online food order in train is delivered in securely sealed packages to avoid any contamination or spillage. IRCTC e-catering partner, RailRestro, provides suitable packing for various food items so that you can enjoy your favourite delicacies without fear of contamination or anything else. It is taking all the precautionary measures for safe food delivery in train during COVID such as washing vegetables properly, tracking the health status of all staff members, sanitization and cleaning of kitchen regularly, use of mask and gloves while preparing food, use of sanitizer regularly and contactless food delivery in train. It will bring your food to your train berth, ensuring that you have a comfortable and safe dining experience while travelling anywhere by train.

Earlier, the passengers on the train used to decide what to get next from the same old list of foods and snacks like Mixed pickles, gulab jamun, bread butter, bread omelettes, veg cutlets and egg biryani. The passengers used to get bored when perusing this restricted menu on their past train journeys. Now you can get a wide range of properly processed and hygienically prepared meals, thanks to food delivery apps like RailRestro.

Order Food On Train To Spice Your Train Journey

RailRestro allows you to order meals in a lot of easy ways. One can either download this app from the Play Store or App Store or use RailRestro's official website for ordering delectable cuisine. If you are travelling through rural regions of India and the Internet is not operating correctly, RailRestro allows you to order food on the train by dialling on 8102202203. If you want to know how to order food on train, then here are some short methods to help you:

  • Firstly, launch the RailRestro app or the RailRestro website.
  • Provide the train number for which you want to place an order for food. You may also order meals by entering the PNR number.
  • Enter your departure date and click the submit button.
  • You may choose from a wide range of culinary selections from the city's best eateries.
  • Next, add food to your shopping cart.
  • You can pay online or in cash at the time of delivery.

Get Food Delivered On Time

RailRestro is committed to making all deliveries on schedule and at the berth. We make every effort to provide high-quality meals to all passengers. This app offers a real-time rail tracking system, ensuring that deliveries are never missed. When your train arrives at the station, one of our delivery boys will bring you food to your seat. You do not need to travel anywhere.

However, it is advised to place orders at least one hour in advance to provide the greatest service experience. Passengers and food delivery personnel will have no social interaction. Since this amazing app allows online payments, there will be no need for cash exchange and hence no risk of Coronavirus transmission.

Discount on Larger Purchases

If you are travelling in big groups of 10-15 people, you may enjoy additional discounts by using RailRestro's "group meal order" option. It also provides an e-catering service via which passengers may buy rail food on the train for the entire group online to make your job easier. There is no need to worry as RailRestro's food partners are all FSSAI accredited. Before they are permitted to cook, every member of the kitchen staff is rigorously tested. It assures that travellers receive safe, fresh, and contamination-free food.


So, the next time you have to go by train and need food; use the RailRestro app to order quickly. It is partnered with some of the city's most popular restaurants to enable the passengers to enjoy the best food on the train.