Buying, selling, or renting a home in Dubai is not as easy as it used to be. 80% of the population is foreign, that's why some rules and regulations are different. You need to consult any property management in Dubai to know these rules. Is there any documentation required to sell a home? What kind of tenants would be better at renting a house? How much is the risk? How to test tenants? These are all questions that we need to consult with a good Dubai property management company.

You can make an appointment based on mutual interest once you have contacted a broker or Dubai property management company (if you look directly). Also on weekends, most agents work. You must start this process once you have your residence visa and cheque book on hand. You can ask your company to send you a letter stating that your visa is valid if your visa is long enough to complete.

Tour the property in the afternoon, insist on a visit to the building, and see all amenities. Your agent probably has more properties to show you if you are unsatisfied. You can make a reservation by paying a deposit once you have identified a property by property management companies in Dubai. This generally is 5% of the rent per year.


Important Points to Know

  • Leases in Dubai are annual.
  • You must provide for the rental contract, a passport copy, a resident’s visa copy (if the visa is not yet processed, your letter works temporarily, and a copy of the visa on arrival). The contract duration is four or five business days. The documentation is conducted in consultation with the owner by the agent.
  • Rents are typically paid every three months, but there may be 3 checks in place of four for some landlords. If you choose to give two checks, you can get a better deal. In any case, post-paid checks should be carried out when the contract is concluded. Ensure that you get a check receipt.
  • You must also leave a deposit; cash should you like Please keep your receipt safe, as the refund must be submitted at the end of the period.
  • The commission may be paid in cash or by check when using the Dubai property management services. It usually amounts to 5% of the rate.
  • The contracts are 1 year-long binding. Thus, you have to pay a fine if you are out of turn; usually, 2 months of the lease and two months of the lease are to be canceled.


Dubai Rental Charges

The average rents of tenant management services in Dubai are much higher. Many people living in Sharjah or Ajman in Dubai will work because they want to save on rent.

AED 40k to AED 45k per year will cost you in Sharjah or Ajman at least 40 to 50% less if you rent a one-bedroom apartment in a slightly remote (and therefore inexpensive) area of Dubai or Abu Dhabi. So they are in privileged positions.

Rent shall be paid by postal check, usually from your arrival. Thus, if you sit on the 10th of the month, you will have the next collection on the 10th of every quarter. Or, if you have a three-check plan, once every four months to Dubai property management company.

If your rent control fails, your landlord will have a heavy penalty. You might have been in prison in the past, but the laws have now been changed.

You can take renters for tenant management services in Dubai and for this purpose you can contact us, we will provide you with trusted renters for your property. Our top property managers are always available for your assistance. Visit for further info.