Every profession in the sphere of health care is enormously important. The specialists in this sphere must develop professionalism, kindness, and sympathy and thus try to make impact on society. That is why I used fabulous writings https://fabulouswritings.com for helping me with this article right.

I have a long-term plan of how I should perform to become a successful nurse. To earn a degree, I must work hard during my studying and the results of my work as a student will determine my success as a specialist in my future nursing career. One cannot care for people without specific knowledge and that is why my professional education is vital not only for me, but for my future patients. Nurse is sometimes the first person who saves life in a critical situation when the patient suffers and when he or she is almost dying. It is very important not only to have sufficient professional knowledge, but also to have fast reaction and to be able to make decisions quickly. Nurses help terminally ill people to prepare themselves to the fact that they are dying and assure their peaceful death. They can help recovering patients to feel more optimistic and give hope to become healthy again. This occupation is emotionally fulfilling, because one must be strong enough to see people die, but also have enough hope to persuade them that they will survive. I feel resistant enough to be a nurse, because I have almost all the treats of character which will make me a responsible nurse and I will gain my professional skills while studying.

Besides, I want to contribute to educating people in the sphere of some illnesses. Nowadays “healthy” people sometimes discriminate ill people, for example, those suffering from AIDS or other serious illnesses, like cancer, tuberculosis, etc. They are already suffering from their illness and people make them suffer even more. I am sure that I will be able to deal with such people and they will not feel themselves less valuable, because I will try to make them feel equal. I believe that every nurse must be not only a good specialist, but a kind-hearted person.

In conclusion, it is important for me to help people and that is why I have chosen this occupation. I understand that my contribution to society will be little, but it will be very important for my future patients.