Most conventional thoracic pain treatment just emphasizes on treating symptoms. This type of treatment is just effective in offering short term relief. Don’t get fooled into thinking that this is your only choice for thoracic pain treatment. The issues with the upper back or the thoracic region of the spine can have different kinds of symptoms right from mild muscle spasms to serious pain while just trying to breath.

Due to the development in medical field and availability of trained medical experts of thoracic surgery in New Delhi India, it is now possible to treat back spine injuries successfully. Many new sophisticated surgical methods are now available for the treatment of spine disorders. 

Thoracic surgery in New Delhi India is situated in the chest area and has 12 vertebrate. The ribs connect to the thoracic spine and protect various important organs. The next is the lumbar spine. Most people have 5 lumbar vertebrae though it is not unusual to have six. The lumbar vertebrae are bigger than the thoracic or cervical as this spinal area carries most of the body weight. Thoracic spine is the second most commonly injured area in rowers after lumbar spine. It is considered to be the least mobile region among all the vertebral column. This is due to the length of the transverse procedures, the costovertebral joints, reduction in the disc height in respect to the lumbar spine and the rib cage. Movements that happen in the thoracic spine are mainly flexion and rotation and extension. Rowers inherently become restricted into extension with all of us. It is because of the amount of time that rowers are in a seated position and the tendency for rowers to fall into the thoracic spine flexion. This happens mainly when fatigued. It is important that rowers do regular flexibility exercises to maintain their thoracic rotation and extension, to avoid such thoracic spine issues. Or else, they put themselves at the stake of rib stress fractures, aspect and costovertebral joint discomfort. This can frequently cause pain to the chest wall or muscle trigger points in the rhomboids, erector spine, levator scapulae or upper trapezius that we report as thoracic spine issues. 

Thoracic spine surgery is a surgical process used for the treatment of back injuries. As the surgical process is most sophisticated, time necessary for the surgery by an experienced thoracic surgeon New Delhi for surgery and recovery is quite less. Medical tourism in India handles all the necessary amenities to abroad patients after they reach India for treatment.

Moreover, you can bask medical tourism through a vacation at the Indian resorts with your treatment in India. The success rate of thoracic spine surgery in India is quite good as the surgery is done by the best thoracic surgeon in India. The spine surgeons in India are experts in their field as they are working in this field for years.