Which gives it a lot of durability so it's like the most best of both worlds here and then we also do um we blends with uh like a supima cotton it just depends on supima can't talk to her as i've never heard of supima cotton before maybe i'm just not in the fabric game but uh talk to me a little bit about supima cotton please cotton is a longer staple staple fiber so cotton is a staple fiber hemp cream normally it's a little bit shorter but if you've heard of like egyptian cotton and pima cotton that is the same family as supima only supima is branded like to be specifically grown in the u.s okay great great.

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And so um uh can you talk to i suppose we're a little bit busy on this side but um i'd love us to maybe be passed off and talk to somebody else who can show us this is just one aspect of this business right which is the fabrics but there's like a whole other just different tiers that somebody else is going to be able to show us is that right yeah right um yeah they make a comfy product with they also use for insulation um so that's one aspect it's like that that's what this stuff that we would just get rid of you know the textile industry sure and then there's the gumming of the fiber right there that's what needham does there okay great okay so just picking up where we left off we're now speaking with naidan and uh not is responsible for more of the post-processing so um once we decourticate the can you explain to us we've got our herd and then we also have our fiber yup but some of that herd and fiber is still stuck together right right right so the primary mission of the decoration.

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Is to remove as much of the herd as possible from the fiber what we're focused on specifically at try and finishing is preparing fiber for textile and apparel use downstream so certainly getting as much hurt out of it is possible is is the hemp pain relief cream uk  objective now the the process as you know with the from a cotton standpoint you have the cotton gin you grow it you gin and then you go into the textile process the two-step process is for the tech for um for hemp processing so there's the decoration process which is the mechanical kind of the you feed the stocks and it's basically breaking apart the herd from the fiber on the bass fiber on the outside but once you do that you have to in order to go into the textile chain in the in the us or internationally you have to have a cleaner fiber so what we do is we do what's called a d gumming or some people call it cottonization some people call it wet processing so we do d gummy actually in the extraction space as well okay i wonder is it it must it must be the it must it's the same thing right we're trying to get rid of those sticky guns