Is Your AOL Mail Not Working On IPhone? Find How to Solve AOL Mail 

AOL is the web-based email service provider that allows employees to connect with peers efficiently. With this application, peers can easily communicate and share the files. This quick mailing app is similar to any messenger that allows a fast messaging experience. It keeps the team agile in getting responses, but what if you face issues in this application. As many people report that their AOL Mail is not working. Thus, if your AOL Mail is also not working, stay with this post as you will get a solution here. 

How to resolve AOL Mail not working on iPhone issue?

Before you learn about the solutions to fix the AOL Mail not working issue in your iPhone. You should also learn that the problem can be created because of your device or from the organization. Hence if the problem occurs due to your device settings or within your device. Then you can look at the below-mentioned solutions. Although there is a server issue, then you have to wait for the specified time. 

Steps to fix the AOL Mail not working issue. 

#1. Shut down all applications:

Sometimes the AOL Mail does not work if many applications are working in the background. Hence close all applications in the background and then try to open it again. 

#2. Restart your device:

In many cases, this technique does not work; in that case, you can restart your device. It will refresh the entire components and let you open your AOL Mail. 

#3. Clear cache:

you can also clear the cache of the application stored in your device’s memory. By doing this, it will clear up the temporary files and hence help you to run your application. 

#4. Look for the update:

if you need to update the application, then look to the app play store. They check for the update and if you find so, then update the application. 

#5. Reinstall:

You need first to uninstall the AOL Mail and then reinstall it on your device in this technique. If there is an issue, then it will not appear again, and it will work fine. 

So, using these methods, you can fix the AOL Mail issue and enjoy smooth communication. 

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