Here we will discuss and share the best children's shoes for wide feet. In fact, It Is the pride of each parent to have their kids look great, even to their footwear. 

Even though occasionally, design can mean a touch of inconvenience, this isn't generally best for youngsters. Children need to look comparable to the following fellow and have a good time without recoiling every so often.

You should wear the best shoes for you according to your need, for example, if you're a restaurant worker, you should wear the best shoes for restaurant workers. And if you need the best children's shoes for wide feet, then buy them.

Hence, it becomes essential to get your child's shoes that look great and are agreeable if their feet are wide. 

We have concocted this rundown of shoes that we accept should suit your children with wide feet to assist you with this choice. 

1. New Balance shoes 990V5 

The New Balance shoes 990 series is one of their generally esteemed. Just Because of this, it became important to create it in whatever number sizes as could reasonably be expected, length, and width the same. 

Aside from being agreeable and smoothly planned, it is accessible in wide sizes. Along these lines, it is perhaps the ideal alternative for youngsters with wide feet. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, Suede, and Mesh Hybrid upper, ABZORB heel 
  • Sizes: 2 – 13.5 
  • Conclusion: Hook and circle 
  • Accessible tones: Black, Gray, Blue. 


  • It's consistent with the size. 
  • Breathable with enough padding 
  • The high-footing adaptable elastic underside 
  • Accessible in many sizes 
  • Appropriately steady 


  • Sturdier than needed 
  • It's expensive 

2. Adidas Unisex Child Ultimafuture Sneaker 

Best shoes for youngsters with wide feet 

The Adidas Ultimafuture is made for running. However, it can likewise fill the everyday need. 

Its weave upper grants breathability among toes while moving, while its elastic outsole guarantees a firm hold on the environmental elements with each step. 

It is known to have Adidas' unmistakable strength, yet it probably won't be as solid for individuals who are significantly more weight on each step. Its plan makes it ideal for youngsters with a wide foot. 


  • Material: Knit upper, Rubber outsole, Textile covering 
  • Sizes: 1 – 13.5 (Little Kid) 
  • Conclusion: Lace-up 
  • Accessible tones: Black, Gray 


  • It's adaptable 
  • Exceptionally breathable 
  • Delicate, thick heel for shock ingestion 
  • Lower leg support conclusion 
  • Great padding 
  • Machine launderable 


  • The stuck sole isn't awesome for energetic children. 
  • No different tongue for simple wear 

3. Tsukihoshi Child70 Storm 

The Tsukihoshi Child70 Storm is made to keep up with solace. It is made of launderable machine material and, accordingly, is not difficult to keep up with 

Within is melded with regular antiperspirants that keep your child's feet from smell and disturbance following a monotonous day's wear. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, EVA padded sole, 
  • Sizes: 8 – 13.5 
  • Conclusion: Hook and circle 
  • Accessible tones: Blue, Red, Black, Graphite, Lime, and so forth 


  • It's polished 
  • Breathable 
  • Components a tongue and pull tab for simple wearing. 
  • Machine launderable 
  • Elastic sole for high footing and adaptability 
  • Has lower leg and curve support 


  • The stuck sole isn't the best development, particularly for youngsters who play generally. 
  • The velcro conclusion debilitates after some time with use. 

4. Adidas Kids' Duramo 9 

The Duramo 9 is a customary running shoe made for solace. It accompanies a cloud from the padded sole, undeniable level padding that makes you nearly fail to remember you gave shoes on. 

The plan of the shoe is additionally on the wide side, so kids with thin feet are encouraged to go a large portion of a size down. Children with wide feet, then again, fit here. 


  • Breathable cross-section upper 
  • It's machine launderable. 
  • First-rate padding and solace 
  • Consistent with size 
  • Lightweight with the wear-safe sole 


  • Components a concrete development which may be improper for harsh children

5. Saucony Kids' Ride Sneaker 

Here is a top-of-the-line shoe for little children and huge children with wide feet. Moreover, The Saucony children's ride is a lightweight tennis shoe for youngsters made to assist kids with moving without any problem. 

It gives both extraordinary footing and firm parallel help, and it is made in wide sizes. Nonetheless, it is perhaps the best shoe for youngsters with more estimated feet you can get. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, Leather, and Mesh upper 
  • Sizes: 4 – 10 (Little child) 
  • Conclusion: Velcro conclusion 
  • Accessible tones: Silver, Pink, Orange, Blue, and so on 


  • It's consistent with the size 
  • It comes in different sleek plans reasonable for youngsters 
  • Steady and agreeable 
  • Lightweight and strong 
  • Machine launderable shoe 
  • The best option for level footed children 


  • All that is by all accounts okay 

6. Adidas Kids' Grand Court Sneaker 

The Grand Court Sneaker is one of those mark Adidas running shoes that make certain to grab the attention. 

It has an extraordinary look while keeping different provisions. For example, it has an incredible foothold with its elastic underside and a wide toe plan that permits wide-footed children to wear it serenely. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, Synthetic upper 
  • Sizes: 1 – 13.5 (Little Kid) 
  • Conclusion: Lace-up 
  • Accessible tones: Black, White, Purple color, Blue, Pink 


  • A fashioners shoe for youngsters 
  • Agreeable and lightweight 
  • It's unisex 
  • The velcro and trim up conclusion give solid match and backing 
  • Components a high footing elastic outsole. Along these lines, you kid wouldn't slip without any problem. 


  • The calfskin isn't breathable, however extreme, particularly for youngsters that are nibbled harsh. 

7. Hoshiko Velcro Sneaker 

In fact, This is a waterproof running shoe that guarantees your child's wellbeing on a wide range of grounds. 

Additionally, it gives a solid grasp on the ground that empowers foothold and extraordinary padding to advance solace during development. 

At long last, its lattice upper takes into consideration. Whatever breathability and adaptability the wide toe region doesn't as of now give. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, Foam padded sole, Mesh lining. 
  • Sizes: 8 – 10 (Toddler), 1 – 13 (Little Kid), 3.5 – 7 (Big Kid) 
  • Conclusion: Lace-up 
  • Accessible tones: Purple, Gray 


  • It's breathable 
  • Velcro and trim up conclusion for a great fitting and simple on and off 
  • Delicate, responsive, and shock engrossing padded sole 
  • Elastic outsole for a great grasp on a wide range of floor 
  • Polished plans 


  • Everything appears to be acceptable with regards to this shoe. 

8. Nike Kids Star Runner 2 Sneaker 

Albeit the Nike Star Runner was made for sports and general games, its plan fits those with wide feet. 

The elastic sole is there for extraordinary footing, while the padded foam sole gives padding and is an incredible safeguard. The cross-section upper, be that as it may, gives breathability and forestalls feet bothering. 

Moreover, Nike picks the twofold snare and circle conclusion technique for this shoe. It guarantees a solid grasp on the wearer's feet. 


  • Material: Rubber sole, Extra froth padded sole, Mesh, and Synthetic upper. 
  • Sizes: 1 – 13.5 
  • Conclusion: Hook and circle 
  • Accessible tones: Black, Electric Green, Blue, Gray, White, Silver, Pink, Red. 


  • Exceptionally breathable 
  • Solid elastic sole for grasp 
  • A blend of ribbon up and velcro conclusion makes it firm on the feet 
  • Appropriately padded around the lower leg and in the footbed for greatest solace 
  • Lightweight and adaptable 


  • Velcro conclusion isn't adequately proficient 
  • It may be tight for youngsters with extremely wide feet