Cenforce 100 mg (generic Sildenafil) is mainly used by males to treat the issue of erectile dysfunction and impotence. The drug is approved for the treatment of pre-menstrual syndrome and is known to improve the blood flow to the penile area, specifically the penis. This in turn helps increase the size of the organ which results in more firmness and stamina. However, despite its beneficial effects, this formulation has been banned by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration). The reason the drug was banned was due to reports that some individuals were using it to manufacture drugs such as Viagra.

The good thing about cenforce is that unlike other drugs, it does not cause any unwanted side effects. For men who suffer from impotency problems, they would benefit a lot from this. As opposed to Viagra, this is completely natural, free from harmful side effects, and effective in increasing the size of the penis. However, before you can begin taking this supplement, it is recommended that you consult your doctor to determine the proper dosage.

There are various reasons why the cenforce 25 is effective in treating erectile dysfunction and impotency. The main component of the medicine is Sildenafil, which improves blood flow to the penis. The blood flow is increased because it increases the oxygenation of blood. Once the blood circulates more easily, more oxygenated blood would reach the penis, which eventually stimulates harder erection and stronger erection. Because of this reason alone, this medicine has been proven effective in improving sexual life.

The cenforce 50mg also contains sildenafil as one of its ingredients, which is a substance that has Viagra-like effects to enhance the blood flow to the penis. Because of this, it would make the erection be firmer, longer, and harder. Because Viagra is known to cause negative side effects, doctors often suggest patients to take the non-potent variant of Viagra, which is the cenforce. It is said to produce similar results as Viagra in most people, and the only difference is the lesser amount of active ingredient it contains. As compared to Viagra, it is said to be safer and generally free from negative side effects.

Doctors suggest men with erectile dysfunction and impotency take this medication for three hours before or after having sex. The dosage of this medicine would then start regulating based on the body's optimum blood flow rate. If you want to take it higher than three hours before having sex, you would need a lower dose.

The complete work of the cenforce soft is said to last for about three hours. This means you would need to take the maximum recommended dose for three hours before you engage in sexual activities. The dosage is provided in tablets, and not in liquids, which is why this medicine is best applied topically. In fact, one of the best things about this type of medicine is that it is easy to take, and is available at any drug store. You can purchase the drug conveniently, without spending a lot of money.