The Elder Scrolls Blades will be worth their price in exalt

However using this type of particular change, what's stopping you? You can add a stat to products or services, but odds are, it is going to get shitty.

I'm not implying this from the "rich" guy standpoint, simply as being a "middle class citizen" in case you would. I don't believe i'll ever have mirror gear, or anything from the kind. My very useful item is often a 6L RRRGBB Shav's 10%/-3%/-1%. (~200-300 jewl, ~400 fus, ~40 ex, ~6-8 divine, ~20 blessed)

If where you will work hard enough to The Elder Scrolls Blades Gold acquire exalt/eternal crafted gear, YOU DESERVE IT. It's not like EVERYONE is just playing around on this stuff killing Uber acquiring to sneak a sweat.

Eventually eternal orbs aren't going to become worth their price in exalt because no amount of currency are listed something with a consumable item.