Everyone needs to maintain, but moisturizing does need to maintain the basic problem, it is the source of our skin more beautiful, then, how to develop to truly be a moisturized Qiu Shui Yiren? Not much to say, the following Mioggi皇牌產品 aspects Prepare 9 moisturizing recipes for you.

1. Cleans and starts to moisturize, oily skin will not happen

20-25 years old, excessive oil secretion is the most common problem. The fastest and most comfortable way to get rid of the annoying luster is to "wash your face." But don't neglect, if you wash your face too frequently, it will only destroy the skin's sebum film. In addition, if we don't do a good job of moisturizing, the nutrients and moisture needed by the cells will continue to be lost, and skin problems will only become more and more serious. People with normal skin wash their faces twice a day, and people with oily skin wash their faces up to three times. Use a strong soap cleaning product to remove excess oil!

2. Intensive maintenance, as a backing for supple skin

Although young skin has not encountered serious skin dehydration problems, staying up late and having abnormal work and rest will still affect water retention, resulting in dullness and roughness. To improve the problem of transient 金箔面膜 water shortage, intensive care can be strengthened.

Use a moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week to keep your skin moisturized and shiny to stretch your muscles. You can also use a moisturizing gel night mask. At the end of the maintenance process, you need to strengthen the thickness of the part. When you wake up the next day, you You will find that the skin becomes soft and comfortable to the touch, and the makeup can be very close and lasting for that day.

3. Oil control + moisturizing, cultivating healthy neutral muscles.

Many other oily skins often neglect moisturizing because they cannot pay too much attention to oil removal and oil control. In particular, acne muscles only focus on curing acne, and they are afraid of using "moisturizing" skin care products to cause acne to grow. This is actually a wrong concept. On the muscle surface, we have such a sebum membrane that can safely lock the water and nutrients needed for cell development at the bottom of society.

However, if excessive development of cleansing destroys this layer of sebum membrane, a large amount of water and nutrients will be lost to the enterprise, which will lead to the reduction of student health promotion cell decay, and the situation of acne will be more serious. Please remember that there is still a market for oil control and acne treatment products that can be used locally, but we still have to apply skin care products containing hyaluronic acid and other moisturizing ingredients to maintain a balance of oil and water. If there is no 金箔面膜 moisturizing milk texture that makes you feel uncomfortable, infrastructure maintenance and management can only use information to add an essence of high-efficiency moisturizing ingredients to help replenish and lock water.

4. Moisturizing around the eyes, gentle maintenance for the first time.

Although there is not much research on the skin health of women in the 20th generation, they still need to pay more attention to moisturizing and maintenance. Because the skin around the eyes is thin, companies should avoid using highly irritating products, such as whitening, astringent, and anti-inflammatory lotions containing alcohol and acidic substances, or serums with different concentrations that are too high. It is necessary to use some special eye care products to truly achieve a mild moisturizing effect. You can choose a gel-like eye information product with a refreshing material texture. When applying, draw a concentric circle structure to focus on the eye socket and brow bone Finally, the teacher can bring the skin between the upper and lower eyelids.

Remember not to apply too much product close to the root of the eyelashes, because this part is poorly absorbed, and the extra care products will combine with the oil, resulting in a stye, as if only a "needle eye"! In addition to maintenance, make-up remover cleansing should also be done. The cleansing power of disposable make-up remover cotton is too strong, and it is not recommended to stimulate the fragile eyes around dry skin.

5. Start with sun protection to lay a good foundation for tender skin problems

Moisturizing and sunscreen is something that women can never relax in the pursuit of beauty! After the age of 25, the skin condition begins to decline, the outer sebum membrane that protects the skin gradually collapses, and the skin cells are in a state of being trapped inside and outside. There is the invasion of ultraviolet rays from the outside, and there is a hidden worry of water loss inside. When the cells are in an unstable period, if the continuous damage of ultraviolet rays to the cells can be reduced, healthy cells will maintain normal operation and dry skin will be improved. Therefore, focusing on sun protection and moisturizing has become the primary goal of 30-year-old women's skin care.

Sunscreen should be used in all seasons. If you can sit in your office building for a long time, choose a sunscreen product with SPF30. If we often work outside, we need to choose products with high SPF50 SPF. , And through the two should be able to wipe at any time, all aspects of blocking the damage of ultraviolet rays.

6. Strengthen the eye area and prevent the appearance of fine lines early

At the moment when the aging alarm sounds, it is even more necessary to moisturize the eyes to avoid the appearance of fine lines and dark circles, and become a murderer of age exposure. In addition to paying attention to whether the product emphasizes tightening and pulling, it also needs to have a moisturizing effect. It can choose three, four or five peptides containing alcohol A and hyaluronic acid to promote protein proliferation in the rubber plateau.

It is also necessary to avoid pulling one's skin with too much force, which may cause some lines and production. It can be used with movements that can be tapped and tapped to accelerate the absorption of corporate products. Twice a week, use a highly moisturizing eye mask to intensively moisturize the skin around the eyes.

7. Antioxidant + activation for moisturizing and beautifying skin effect can be more multiplied

At the age of 30, your body's metabolism is gradually slowing down, coupled with the imbalance of the lipid membrane, the lack of oil is more serious than the lack of water. At this point, the texture and composition of the product should be upgraded. Do not choose a clear texture like gel products, but use advanced moisturizers or lotions with a small amount of oil

On the other hand, in order to help circulatory metabolism, accelerate the discharge of skin waste, and eliminate skin fatigue, products that can promote regeneration and anti-oxidation should also be selected to help cells function normally.

8. Partition for maintenance to reverse the imbalance between oil and water.

From the oily muscles of 20 years old, it gradually enters t-oil, dry cheeks and mixed muscles, solving complex skin problems, and mastering the plateau of "partial maintenance" and "control oil first and then hydrate".

Because the T-shaped oil outlet is alkaline and the cheeks are acidic, in the case of acid-base imbalance, cleansing products that can balance the pH value should be used to repair the skin. For basic maintenance, first control the oil to a T-shape, and then apply moisturizing essence or milk to the entire face. After makeup, you can use oil control products specially designed for makeup at the oil outlet.

9. Moisturize the office and immediately replenish dehydrated muscles

Under the air of the office, the chin, the sides of the nose and the cheeks were dried and peeled due to lack of water in the afternoon, and the original flawless foundation began to separate from the face.

If only a small part of the dryness occurs, you can use a moisturizing spray to achieve short-term local relief. If you want to completely solve the problem of dehydration, the following experts provide two suggestions to teach you: First, even for the face with makeup, You can use the moisturizing essence to apply evenly on the hands, and then a wide range of dry and peeling areas. The moisturizing essence has a high concentration of moisturizing ingredients and small molecules, which can immediately replenish the moisture needed by the skin. As for the essential application and accidental makeup removal, then use foundation.

Another secret is a cost-saving maintenance method, which can easily solve the dry problem without spending money. After eating a Chinese meal, moisten a small square towel with hot water, wring it out, place it about 2 cm away from the face, and leave it for about 1 minute. Let the face soak in the water vapor, which can effectively improve about 2 times. Dry problem.

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