Azoth is a unique multi-purpose currency that players will want to collect during their adventure in New World. One of its uses is to respec the Mastery Tree for a player weapon in New World. While this action costs little to nothing initially, mid to late-game players may require Azoth to optimize their particular build.

New World players will also need Azoth for fast-traveling across Aeternum. If a player needs to travel to the opposite side of the map for a quest or objective, they will undoubtedly require large amounts of Azoth. The quantity of Azoth needed to fast travel will depend on how far the destination is and how much weight the New World player is carrying in their inventory. Furthermore, Azoth can make a significant difference in how powerful the potential bonuses are for a crafted item. Continue reading to learn how to farm Azoth in New world currency

There are four primary ways to farm Azoth in New World. The basic and straightforward method of obtaining Azoth is through completing quests. New World offers loads of missions and expeditions that will keep players busy for countless hours. Some of these quests will reward a certain amount of Azoth upon completion. The quantity received will, of course, depend on the quest's complexity and level of difficulty. The main questline should provide players plenty of Azoth to spend on fast-traveling and item enchantments. However, it is recommended to get into the habit of using this rare currency sparingly, as players should save Azoth instead of using it to save a couple of minutes via fast travel.

The last two ways players can find and farm New World Azoth is by killing hostile mobs. In particular, enemies will begin to drop Azoth from Level 20. Higher-level foes glowing with a faint bluish aura are likely to drop more Azoth than usual upon death. The final way to farm Azoth is by clearing Corrupted Breaches across Aeternum. These points of interest aren't for the faint of heart and will usually require a group of players to drive the relentless Corrupted out of the area. Players need to make sure they're prepared in gear, level, and numbers before taking on these world-event challenges.
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