When in school, there are students who are only interested in having a pass so as to move up to the next level. Then there are other students who are not happy with just a pass, they will stop at nothing to get excellent results. At the end of the day, there are students who make very good result and there are those who barely got an average to allow them a pass.

Interestingly these may all be students who used were studying for the same geography exam and who had access to the same facilities. So, why did one student do extremely well while the other barely manage a pass? There are several reasons for this.  Getting a pass is good but getting a distinction is definitely better.  To understand why one student will come out with flying colors and others will not, read on.


Studying for an exam is like a project and like all projects it needs to be planned. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. If you look into the study lifestyle of students, you will find that the students who end up with very good results are those that are very organized when it comes to studying. They have a study timetable that they follow religiously. They do not jump from one subject to another haphazardly. Since they took time to draw up a plan for study, they can easily maintain a pattern. Interestingly, when you maintain a pattern, overtime it becomes a habit and reading becomes enjoyable. Apart from normal exams, you have to educate your kids with different languages such as learning of Chinese Lesson, as command on more than one language is must for future success. You can find Chinese Tuition online to educate your kids. With an expert Chinese tutor Singapore your kids can get expert in Chinese language.


For some reason, students find it very difficult to be discipline especially with respect to their studies. A student will easily go to a party than attend a class tutorial. However, a student destined for distinction in their results is disciplined. They know how to draw the boundary between fun time and study time. Unlike other students, they will not skip their classes or study time just because there is a concert in town.

Peer pressure

 The problems most students face is because most often they succumb to pressure. A student will want to belong and so follow others just to impress. However, a student who can withstand peer pressure will be able to focus on their study and so come out in flying colors.

When studying for exams, a student will want to try to come out with the best results possible. This often means finding time to study effectively. To be able to study effectively, a student should be able to remain disciplined and focused by overcoming the influence of peer pressure. If they can do all these, they will find that succeeding in exams is not meant for the extremely intelligent.