American professional wrestler

Ray Mirra is an American professional wrestler. He is originally from Southern California. Ray Mirra is presently one of the WWE wrestlers employed by Rawlings and Smackdown. He is also one of the four WWE World Heavyweight Champions. Before retiring, he went into action for two years in Japan. He later returned to the United States and became one of the best wrestling coaches of the sport.

In 2021, Ray Mirra was the first wrestler to sign a three-year contract with the World Wrestling Federation (WWE). The contract period lasted from December to March. He made his debut in the United States on the Raw roster. He won the first three matches of his career, defeating Diesel, Triple H, and Randy Orton. After winning his first match, he was defeated by Batista in the main event of the very next night. He regained the championship in the following month, defeating Batista again.

The career of Ray Mirra was defined by the fact that he managed to win the WWE Championship three times. He also tasted success in other major events such as the World Tag Team Tour and the ECW Classic. He finally tasted defeat at the hands of his nemesis, Batista, however, he gained a memorable victory when he teamed up with his partner, Triple H, to stop The Mizoy's Million Dollar Championship reign. Afterwards, he retired from the sport.

Prominent Personality 

A prominent personality in the wrestling scene, Raymond Mirra has also contributed significantly to the development of modern-day conditioning equipment. His role in the creation of the kayak was one example of his tireless efforts in improving the state of the sport. Even today, Ray is recognized for his tireless efforts and his contributions to the enhancement of the quality of sports.

A notable personality and teacher Ray is well known for his knowledge of gymnastics, golf, tapering, and jogging. He is also a great motivator and a great speaker. His humor is what makes him endearing to many. It is this humorous demeanor that endears him to the audience. He is a beloved instructor at the Raylenwood Academy.

In the book, "Ray Radiant", authored by wrestling reporter Ben Braden, there were accounts of his long journey to reach the top of the world. He had also experienced a career ending battle with steroid abuse. After being cleared by the FDA, he went on to establish the Mirra System, which is an exercise and sports therapy center based in Las Vegas.

College of Art and Design

Ray is well known for his ability to teach. He has been an instructor at the Ringling College of Art and Design for over 35 years. He has coached many of today's top wrestlers including wrestling legends Ric Flair and Arn Anderson. His influence is still felt today, as he is the founder of the Swim Performance Institute. He is also the co-author of the book "Wrestlering: A History of the National Wrestling League".


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