If you have wires and pipelines running on your walls, then you can install suspended ceiling or false ceiling below the actual ceiling of your home or office. You will need specialized handy men that will do this job for you. They will install specially made ceiling to conceal wires, pipes, etc., and fix this onto your ceiling. This type of arrangement is also made to conceal air conditioning and heating systems that you see in hotels, offices, and supermarkets.

Types of false ceiling available

You will find the drop ceiling or the suspended ceiling in a variety of materials available. They are manually made as per the parameters and dimensions of the ceiling and nut bolted and fixed below the ceiling. Some space in between the real ceiling and the false ceiling that is installed is left to hold the wires, pipes, air-conditioning devices, geezers, etc. You will find false ceiling in materials like wooden, Thermo cool, PVC, Armstrong, etc. Depending upon the weather condition, the material for the false ceiling is chosen. Most of the false ceiling that is prepared today is used is made of Plaster of- Paris, and iron and aluminum bars are used to hold the structure.  Most of the modern houses and offices that are constructed come with false ceiling.

Qualifications of a ceiling specialist

  • If you want to be one of the best ceiling specialists and go on site to do the job, you will need to have sound technical knowledge about building construction, construction material, and tool operation. You must and should be physically fit to be able to carry these operations for long hours. You must be good with numbers.

  • You must have working knowledge of health and safety measures. You must be a good team player to be able to work in a team. You must have a card from Construction Skills Certification. You can also get complete information from Suspended Ceilings Manchester

  • You must have knowledge and skills of technical drawing, and understanding technical designs, know how to use modern tools, know wood working and working on a variety of materials used for construction.

  • Must have experience of suspended ceiling installations. Most of these fixes also work on older buildings that are undergoing improvements. So, if you are home staging and you need to make any home improvements by installing a drop ceiling, you can contact these fixes. If you contact a construction company to send fixers, their charges will be different from individual fixes.

These specialists are comfortable working in confined places and also work well within deadlines. Apart from suspended ceilings, you can also think about the services of Glass Partitions Manchester for your office to add some extra space. It will add charm and comfort to your office. The professional also receive different forms of customized training in their fields. They will be trained for different kinds of skills and certifications to qualify to go to an onsite ceiling installation for homes or offices