Precise details of charges haven’t been bent on; however, a white Volkswagen has been retrieved with a weapon, and it is assumed that Eriz was the gunman while Lee was driving. 

On Monday, a news conference by officials to consider the arrests was held, the same day Aiden was buried in a private ceremony, followed by a memorial service over the weekend.

Lee and Eriz are supposed to be charged with murder, which ends the two-week manhunt with their arrest on Sunday at their home, and are being held on $1 million bails each, according to California Highway Patrol.

Aiden was killed while his mother drove him to kindergarten on May 21. The boy was seated on the right rear passenger side when another vehicle opened fire between 7:55 and 8:15 a.m. on the northbound 55 Freeway between the 22 Freeway and Chapman Avenue.

Aiden was hurried to Children's Hospital of Orange County, where he was declared dead.

Orange County District Attorney said the case ringed with the public in part since all Southern Californians drive freeways. "It could've happened to any one of us," Spitzer said.

Few details have been revealed by officials regarding circumstances leading to apprehending suspects. However, previously they said the Volkswagen was driven by a man and a woman, presuming the male passenger fired at Aiden.

A white Volkswagen identical to the suspects’ vehicle was found through an investigation led at a home in Whittier. Neighbors of the home believe Eriz’ grandmother lives there.

Moreover, Eriz’ Instagram handle showed videos of him shooting disparate firearms on a range.

Eriz was recounted as a former employee at an auto body shop in Corona owned by a married couple, which he left in January. Tom Gregg, the owner, remarked the suspect’s social media page as being fake which showed that he still worked there.

Both the husband and wife censured the fatal shooting and expressed their solicitude for Aiden’s family while adding that Eriz latterly texted the week after the shooting, asking about job positions at any of the company’s locations further, saying he knew an office manager looking for a position.


Community groups and local government agencies contributed to a reward fund that grew to at least $500,000 to find the suspects. However, CHP officials said they weren’t prepared to confer the reward money after arresting the suspects.

"Three families have been unnecessarily torn apart, and a beautiful little boy is now gone, all over a lane change. We must demand justice and accountability for such hate and lack of self-control." said county Supervisor Katrina Foley.

Saturday afternoon, a touching memorial service at Calvary Chapel Yorba Linda took place.

The boy’s mother, Joanna Cloonan, enthused her son in an emotional tribute. She opened her note by expressing gratitude for the immense support from loved ones and strangers. 

"Your kindness, your prayers, your support, and unbelievable generosity have helped provide me with so much strength, so I may stand on my own two feet today, in front of you, and share the beauty of who Aiden was and still is," Cloonan said. "The joy he brought into our lives was insurmountable; my heart melted every time he laughed," she added.

The family has requested supporters to make donations instead of bringing flowers to assist the family through a pair of GoFundMe pages.

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