Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnotherapy )is a method used to put a person in a state called a trance. Trance can be defined as a state of awareness where it becomes possible to dig into those deep unconscious thoughts, we all possess, allowing us to make desired changes. To be in a trance state does not mean to be asleep. Although it can sometimes look that way, it is actually the opposite.

Studies on the brain activity of people in a trance have revealed an increased level of alertness. So, rather than it been asleep, it is a state of focus. Everyone experiences trance in their lives many times, though most people don't know it as a trance.

Have you ever found yourself so engaged in the storyline of a movie or book that you completely forgot about the other people around you? That is one of the most common examples of trance that most people can relate to.

Healing by hypnotherapy or trance is among the oldest phenomena known to man and is found in almost every culture throughout the world. It is an extremely useful therapeutic process. Once the patient is in a state of hypnotic relaxation, the subconscious mind can absorb information, suggestion, and other content more easily that can bring permanent changes.

Suggestions (direct and indirect), therapeutic interventions, visualization, and language structures are utilized in this state, so you can achieve something you want or something that will benefit you. In this hypnotic state, that acceptance goes even deeper than it would in non-hypnotic states.

Since the subconscious mind is a deeper and more instinctive force than the conscious mind, many desired behavioral and cognitive changes are achievable when accessed. Stress, anxiety, depression, OCD, phobias, and quitting smoking are some of the most commonly treated conditions with great success. That is why Rapid Transformational Therapy (Hypnotherapy) for Anxiety and Phobias in Bermuda, United Kingdomis one of the most effective treatment methods for people suffering from severe anxiety, stress, and phobias.

The fears which cause phobias reside in the subconscious mind. The original cause of the fear may have been valid but is no longer accurate. Hypnotherapy can reach this part of the mind and give it suggestions to ease the anxiety and convince it that there is no longer any valid reason to retain these fears.

Worth Noting

Unlike medication-based treatment, hypnosis has no harmful side effects. Hypnosis is a natural and relaxing process that soothes the nerves. It calms anxiety and gently gives suggestions directly to the subconscious mind to develop the good habits necessary to lead a better life. That is why, for most people, it also works as a helpful stop smoking therapy in Bermuda, United Kingdom.