Increasing the conversion rate of your product listing is critical to maximize your sales. However, if you want more reviews from sales, you should be emailing every customer and politely asking them for a review.

We Amazon sellers put so much effort into listing our products, and it is rightfully so.

Your listing is your virtual store and sales team all in one. Each customer who "steps into" the listing should receive the best sales copy possible. They need to know what we are selling and how it will benefit them.

However, if you ask Amazon sellers about their listings, they will immediately talk about the optimized title.

  • They have spent hours researching keywords to insert into their titles.
  • They have carefully studied the titles of competitors to see if they can match them.
  • The title was carefully designed to be as long as possible by Amazon.

Your Amazon title is vital. It is a key tool for Amazon search results.

Many times, the importance of the title outweighs the need to optimize bullet points below it. These bullets are also known as the Key Product features in your Seller Central Listing.

Although not as prominent or as important as the listing title, bullet points are still important. They are often the third or fourth item that customers see upon arriving at your listing. And they are often where you can present actual sales copy.

To ensure that your Amazon bullet points look their best when a customer visits your listing, it is important to give them a thorough evaluation.

1. Use Keywords You Couldn’t Fit in the Title

You are more likely to have many keywords that can be used in your listing if you did your research properly. They won't all fit in your title.

Once you have optimized your title, copy the keywords left over and insert them in your bullet points.

You may be wondering if Amazon uses bullet points to rank search results.

According to Amazon's guidelines, technically, the answer is "no". Amazon claims that their algorithm does not use bullet points in search rankings.

Many Amazon selling experts believe that keywords placed in the bullet points of a listing can increase search ranking. Through the inclusion of keywords in the bullet points, they have documented listings that went from page 3 to page 1 by simply adding keywords.

You only have 100 characters per line so it's important to think strategically when using keywords. It's not possible to just throw them all into bullet points and make coherent statements. But for now, you know that they must be used.

2. Make Your Bullet Points Skimmable

You probably realize that the internet is overwhelming and very few people have the time or the patience to go through everything. We don't have enough time or the mental ability to consume everything that is available.

Did you notice how many blog posts start with numbers in their title? ( hint - scroll up to the title

  • Three Top Ways to Get More Productivity
  • 5 Easy Steps to Better Breath
  • Four Evidences that Bigfoot Actually Exists

We like the ability to skip. Click on the link to read more. We'd like to take 30 seconds to view all five options.

They'll also want to do the exact same thing for some ( , if not all) of their Amazon customers. They don't have the time to read five pages about why your product is so great. They want to see the highlights.

Amazon has made it illegal to use HTML code in product descriptions. Your bullet points are now the only sales copy that you can format to maximize skimming.

These bullet points may not be very long but they are not optimized for customers who want to quickly scan your listing. The eye can't see the important points in each bullet point.

Notice how your eye naturally focuses on the keywords within our bullets. If we were writing an article, then we might highlight the keywords in yellow or use bold or italic fonts. Using these features is against Amazon's Terms of Service so we will stick to capital letters.

You can help your skimming customers to skim, but still provide additional information for those customers who have a bit more time.

3. Solve Your Customer’s Problems

Amazon views bullet points as a way to highlight key features of your product. This section is called Key Product Features by Amazon.

You need to look at your product from a new perspective if you want your bullet to be able to sell more. This doesn't mean that you won't talk about the product's features but you will use those features to solve customer problems.

These can be viewed from a different perspective if you distinguish between benefits and features.

You can still include your keywords in your bullet points. But instead of making them the main point of the bullet points, you are helping customers understand how your product solves their problems.

There are many ways to do this. You could, in fact, come up with at least four to five more ways to rewrite these benefits if you put your mind to it.


You'll get better at identifying the solutions your customers are looking for as you optimize your bullet points. It will all be easy when you launch your second product.

Don't be afraid of trying new optimizations. After you have filled your listing with keywords, made it searchable, highlighted your benefits, your listing should remain that way for at least two weeks. You can tweak your copy to improve your sales or traffic if you aren't satisfied with what you see.

It takes time to become an expert in creating amazing Amazon listings. But, if you take the time to think through these optimizations and implement them, you will be on your way!