Do you know most SEO experts use the Google webmaster tool? Google webmaster tool or Search Engine Optimizer is the product of Google. That helps marketers to keep track of their website and build a robust SEO strategy. It analyzes the technical terms of the website and helps in solving it. But still, many marketers do not know its importance. Hence, read this article and understand its key benefits that can help a website to grow. 

How can Google webmaster tools help websites to grow? 

#1. Keep track of the website’s performance.

The Google webmaster tool monitors the performance of the website of its users. It tells about the number of clicks, impressions, average CTR, and average keyword position. By checking all this information in graph format, the user can quickly analyze their SEO efforts. Hence, as a marketer and SEO professional, one needs to learn GWT. Generally, by taking an advance SEO course in Laxmi Nagar, you can learn it. 

#2. Helps in fixing indexing errors

It also informs the user about the indexed pages and errors. Here users can find when the pages last crawled. And if there is any coverage, indexing, or any other errors. Then they can solve it with its beneficial features. 

#3. Can submit sitemap

Every website needs to submit its sitemap to the GWT for fast crawling. It helps in indexing pages fast and also minimizes the indexing errors. Thus, it is another advantage of using GWT for SEO. Many advance SEO courses in Laxmi Nagar have dedicated modules on GWT. Hence, marketers, students, and business owners can learn about it. Moreover, there are online resources as well that provide a complete guide about GWT. 

#4. Tells about security and manual activities

Sometimes some pages may not meet Google’s guidelines. In that case, the GWT sends a direct email to the owner of the site. And with the help of email, the user can quickly fix those errors. There is also a personalized tab for this that you can check. But if the user does not use it, they won’t be able to find those errors. So, their search ranking will decrease, and SEO will have a negative impact. 


So, these are the reasons and benefits of using GWT. Currently, most businesses use it so they can get help in SEO. Moreover, if you want to learn the Google Webmaster tool to use like a pro. You can consider any advance SEO training course in Laxmi Nagar or other places.